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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Rafael Furcal is back with the Braves. Or will be, sometime later today after a physical.

I'm a bit giddy at the moment, expect a full blown Fookie freakout here once the signing is officially announced.


Why is this a good thing when the Braves' biggest needs this offseason are an ace pitcher and a power bat? Raffy is neither of those things. This is why:

1) We finally have a leadoff bat. The Braves haven't really had one of those since Furcal left.

2) The Braves are stocked at middle infield and have lots of flexibility. They could put Furcal at second and move KJ to left field, they could put Furcal at short and trade Escobar for a starting pitcher, they could even trade both KJ and Yesco for a big bat or arm or both and have Fookie and Prado as their double play combo. There are plenty of options opened up now and this might be a precursor to another deal in the works.

3) It's freakin' FURCAL! Furcal is AWESOME! We never should have let him leave in the first damn place!!!

4) Someone out there WANTS to be a Brave! Someone out there WANTS to take our money!!!

Seriously, total Furcal freakout later today when this gets announced.

Guess who's back... back again... Fookie's back... tell a friend...


Ben said...

This makes me a happy boy. I'd rather not see them trade Escobar though and I really like Kelly Johnson. I do like the idea of Escobar at short and Raffie at second.

But whatever happens happens and we still need a pitcher... badly.

night owl said...


I guess the Dodgers are chasing Cabrera now. The offseason is so depressing.

madding said...

Night Owl, at least your team didn't sign Khalil Greene.

dinged corners said...

grrrr :)

We woke the kids and phoned the neighbors. Good deal for the Braves!