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Friday, December 5, 2008

Maddux will Retire

It's out of the bag, Greg Maddux will retire on Monday at the winter meetings. Best pitcher of this generation, automatic Hall of Fame choice. Maddux cards will be posted here pretty much all weekend.

Cards courtesy of the nice ladies at Dinged Corners.


Ben said...

Kinda sad but I guess it's been coming. I got to see him pitch twice in Atlanta, once against Colorado in '97 (won) and then against a very young, VERY good Kerry Wood in '98 (lost).

Both were very good games.

Wax Heaven said...

After seeing him lose to Andrew Miller at Dolphin Stadium....I knew it was time to go.

gritz76 said...

No matter what team he played for you had to root for this guy. He deserves to have his own wing at the Hall of Fame.

jacobmrley said...

i humbly bow to the only 90's brave i will ever respect...i will throw eggs at tom glavine's induction, but greg maddux deserves to be the first 100% hall of famer.