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Sunday, December 7, 2008

2009 Hall of Fame Candidate - Ron Gant

Oh, what could have been. Drafted by the Braves. Fought back from adversity to become an All-Star. Two straight 30-30 seasons. Fan favorite. Landed a big contract after a career year in 1993. Ron would be a Brave for years to come...

And then he got on that goddamn ATV.

I remember the news report, but only in images and feelings.






I need a moment to compose myself. Check out the stats:

Hits: 1651
Runs: 1080
RBIs: 1008
Homers: 321
Steals: 243
Lifetime OPS: .804

Yeah, I know. Not even close. Maybe if he had stayed at second base and won a half-dozen Gold Gloves. But he could have. If he wasn't a daredevil. If he stayed with the Reds. If he didn't sign with the Cardinals and play in the stadium where Sluggers go to Die. He didn't, but he could have. Ron will fail in his quest to be enshrined in the Hall of Fame, but you know what? He failed a lot more honorably than a few other sure thing players from the '80s and '90s that I can think of. It still hurts though that Ron went from this:

to this:

He'll always be a Brave though, and I look forward to hearing him on SportSouth broadcasts in 2009.

Prediction: 6 votes which is one more than that DAMN CHEATER THAT PULLED HIM OFF THE BAG IN 1991. DAMN YOU HRBEK!!!!!

Cards pictured: 1992 Score Superstar, 2001 Upper Deck
Rookie card: 1988 Fleer, Score, Donruss, Topps Traded


night owl said...

Geez, I thought you were going to go the whole post without mentioning Hrbek.

Ben said...

I'm just glad I'm not the only one still pissed off about that play in '91.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit he is clearly on roids in the first card. 2012 assholes

Adam browning said...

I was shocked when he was inducted last year. Who could have seem it coming.