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Monday, December 8, 2008

Lousy Day for Cub Fans

I know that I have loudly disparaged the inferior Chicago team in times past, but even I feel bad for 'em right now. All this has happened today:

Ron Santo got screwed. AGAIN.

Greg Maddux retired.

Kevin Towers announced that the Cubs are not only bidding against themselves for Jake Peavy, but if they don't agree to the Padres' ransom by Thursday, they'll keep Peavy until at least Opening Day.

And now your owners, the Tribune Company, is bankrupt.

Now that's a lousy day. At this rate, Lou is going to demand a trade back to the Rays.


Dave said...

Nah, Lou can stay in Chicago. The Rays are much better off with Joe Maddon.

Mark said...

Perhaps you could say something nice about Grace's HOF bid, in light of the dire straits in which we Cubs fans now find ourselves?

madding said...

Cue the Price is Right failure theme music...

(or cue Nelson Muntz...)

gritz76 said...

Just another day bleeding Cubbie blue! Man, my blood count is getting low.