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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tony Gwynn Fake Card Final Results

It's time to declare a winner! Here are the point standings before the vote:

tastelikedirt: 36 points
PunkRockPaint: 32 points
Chuck: 25 points
Matt: 20 points

Here are the official vote totals:

Matt F: Tony The Hutt
2 (5%)
Chuck: 1975/1983 Hybrid
0 (0%)
tastelikedirt: 1972 acid trip
16 (43%)
PunkRockPaint: Pro Set Tony Claus
19 (51%)

Which means the winner is.........


The A's fan wins the Chavez card by one point over PunkRockPaint 52-51! Congratulations! No one sent me their choice of prize so I'm not mailing anything 'till Monday now. Better e-mail me or I'll send you a pile of Sandy Alomar Jr. rookie cards instead!

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Final totals:

tastelikedirt: 52 points
PunkRockPaint: 51 points
Chuck: 25 points
Matt: 22 points

1 comment:

chucks used cards said...

Dammit. I feel like Ralph Nader ... didn't even get one vote.

I'll run again in four years.

Thanks for the contest - and congrats to the winner. (My eyes are still wonky !)