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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cards O' Braves and Falcons from Kevin

Ok, time to knock out some of these packages that have been rolling in. This one is from Kevin at
Orioles Card O' The Day. This was a mix of Baseball & Football stuff with a couple of surprises. Here's one of the surprises:

A Braves pin! I am very close to being one of those guys at the ballgame with the team color pocket polo shirt, checkerboard polyester pants hiked up to my nipples and a big straw hat completely covered with pins, so here's one more pin for the hat.

1995 Donruss Tops of the Order Chipper Jones

This set was Donruss trying to cash in on the Magic: The Gathering craze. It bombed. The game was confusing, there was a big spinner dial that did... something, and baseball CCG games have never caught on with collectors. The main reason they have never caught on, is that everyone tried to copy Magic's system where the really good cards are short printed. See where I'm going here? Someone ripping packs ends up with a bunch of scrubs, set collectors go crazy trying to find the stars and people who already play card and dice based games like Strat-o-matic would rather have all the players to build teams. I got a few packs when it came out hoping to find a Chipper, and now I've got another hole in the collection filled.

1986 Meadow Gold Dale Murphy

Wooo! Oddball! These cards came in boxes of popsicles.Murph here was paierd up in a panel with Dwight Gooden. How's that for a pair?

1985 Topps Tattoos

I got Mahler on my bicep, Raffy on my ankle, and you just don't wanna know where Knuckie is.

2008 Goudey Emmitt Smith Berk Ross Hit Parade

I freaking love this set. One card closer now...

1995 Donruss Red Zone Jessie Tuggle

Yep, this is the football version of the CCG. It's even more complicated than the baseball version. Jessie Tuggle's my favorite Falcon though so a nice oddball of the Hammer is always nice.

1994 Collector's Choice Bobby Hebert

You have no idea how popular Bobby Hebert is in this town. There are people out there who still want him to be the starting QB for the birds.

1993 Pinnacle Moe Gardner

One last football card to finish up the post. Moe Gardner does a happy dance after penetrating the offensive line. Ya know what, I don't need double entendres with this card. just enjoy.

Thanks again Kevin, I've got some Xmas O's headed your way whenever I am brave enough to deal with the post office!


White Sox Cards said...

That smile tells me where Knuckie's been.

Kevin said...

Hey dayf, glad to finally see this posted! No worries about the delay - I'm a notoriously slow trader, which is the greater of those two sins. I'm glad you enjoyed the oddballs that I tossed in. The pin was from my middle school days as a Braves fan (they were my National League team, thanks to the ubiquity of TBS).

I had starter sets of both Top of the Order and Red Zone - each came with two 40-card starter decks, IIRC. Believe it or not, I got doubles of Chipper! Yet the O's in my deck were Doug Jones, Scott Erickson, Armando Benitez, and Jeffrey Hammonds. Well, Scotty was alright, but still...feh. That's probably why I never made a serious effort to play the game. But I liked the playing card-type stock of the cards...they were sturdier than your average baseball card.

Bay Rat North West said...

First the Saints ran the Cajun Cannon out of town and then we gave you Morton.
Still not sure who won on those deals. And yes, I was a member of the Fourcade Brigade that replaced Hebert.