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Sunday, December 28, 2008

More Repack Madness - Football Edition

I wanted some football cards to open today while I watched all the games with playoff implications so I got this 4 packs and an auto thing for $9.99. The distributor on the back is MJ Holding company and there's a web address on there too. So, four packs and a draft pick autograph. Looking at what is offered on the front There's about nine bucks full retail value for the packs and a 2008 Hit autograph in there. Let's see what is actually in there...

2008 Hit Draft pick low series
2006 Topps 99¢ pack
2006 Upper Deck WalMart pack
2006 Upper Deck Legends Hobby pack
and an autograph to be named later

Swap the Chrome for a Legends pack and that's pretty much what's on the package. I'm happy about the low series pack since that's the one with Matt Ryan. Upper Deck, eh... Topps, eh... Legends is very interesting. There could be another autograph in there and hey, Legendary players. Let's start with the Hit pack and go on to the 2006s from there.

2008 SA*GE Hit Low Series

47 Lavelle Hawkins
12 Matt Ryan
39 Sam Keller
41 Brandon Flowers
27 Alex Brink
17 Kevin O'Connell glossy

W00t! Got the Matt Ryan! The pack is a success! As for the rest: Hawkins was a 4th round pick of the Titans and has 4 catches this year. Sam Keller didn't get drafted and sign with an Arena League team. Too bad they just suspended the 2009 season. Brandon Flowers is a second round pick of the Chiefs and plays cornerback when he's not touring with the Killers. Brink was a 7th round pick who is on the Texan's practice squad.O'Connell was the third round pick of the Patriots who now has to look up at Brady and Cassel. Eh, I got the Ryan. Everything else is packing material. Next.

2006 Topps

7 Chris Gamble
242 Rodney Harrison
214 Ben Roethlisberger
332 Demeco Ryans Special Edition Rookie
373 Laurence Maroney RC
366 Jason Avant RC

The Ryans rookie with the little foil stamp on it confused me. I'd never seen on of them before. They fall 1:10 packs so they can't be that rare. Not a bad pack, Three decent rookies, a couple of defensive backs and the Concussion Queen.

2006 Upper Deck

3KP-BF Brett Favre 3000 Yard Passing Club
146 Brian Westbrook
107 Brad Johnson
159 LaDainian Tomlinson
19 Willis McGahee
77 Domanick Davis
31 Rex Grossman
239 Darrell Hackney Star Rookie

This was an odd pack, all quarterbacks and running backs. Even weirder is half the base cards have the position stamped in capital letters (LT, Johnson and Westbrook) and the others are all in lower cases. I tried to scan the foil, but you see how well that worked. LT's card is cool, but the Rex Grossman card is hideous. He looks like a flailing turkey. The Favre looks good though and Hackney is still hanging around the league holding the clipboard for the Broncos. Ok, now for the pack I'm really looking forward to:

2006 Upper Deck Legends

21 Len Dawson
15 Doug Flutie
72 Charles White
70 Terry Metcalf
78 Steve DeBerg

Steve DeBerg? Steve DeBERG?? STEVE DEBERG?!? Oh my God.....


2008 Hit Angelo Craig

7th round pick of the Bengals (probably simply because he was a Bearcat), cut in training camp, signed by the Panthers for their practice squad, dut again and is now on the Patriots' practice squad. Not quite the McFadden, Flacco and Ryan autos shown on the front. The card was also put in the package with no protection whatsoever, so the top right corner and bottom edge has dings.

Eh, I got Ryan and a couple of other decent cards so it was marginally worth it. The only truly dreadful pack was the Legends oddly enough. Not sure this was $10 good though. It's a repack crapper, what else could I expect?


Chris Harris said...

Beckett Associates? That's, ummm, interesting.


I'm not real big on football , but I have been known to pick-up a baseball repack box on occasion. It's fun just to see what you get. The Beckett Associates thing is an odd coincidence , although they say they are not affiliated with Beckett Media. We all know how big business works though...makes you wonder.

ernest said...

nice to see flutie... a CFL legend

dinged corners said...

The one thing I'll say for Fairfield repacks is that at least they protect the crummy game-used or autographs that are included--usually at least in an envelope.

Joey said...

Nice Favre and hey you got a Matt Ryan.