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Monday, December 29, 2008

Card Of the Week 12/29/08

I don't want to do a lot of work tonight, so I'm going to finish off this year's Card of the Week with my favorite card of all time. 1956 Topps Hank Aaron.

I love Hank, I love the '56 Topps set. This to me is the pinnacle of all baseball carddom. It's got that classic Aaron portrait that was so good, Topps used it on his '54, '55 and '56 cards. It's got the red and blue team color bars for the name and position. It's got the great photo of Willie Mays sliding into home. Yes, Willie Mays. Topps either goofed or got lazy and painted a Braves uniform on the Say Hey Kid. No word if Mantle forged Hank's facsimile signature.

The back looks great too. Nice, simple 1956 Topps design on light card stock. All the necessary info is efficiently displayed leaving plenty of room for a huge cartoon. The middle toon shows how Hank hit a home run in every NL ballpark as a rookie. Of course there were only 8 at the time, but still. I got this card in a lot on Yahoo! Auctions a while back before they went belly up. This was one of a lot of 18 '56 Topps cards but I didn't even see the other ones when I saw the auction. I saw Hank, then a Buy It Now price and clicked so hard my mouse was wobbly for a week. Luckily I needed most of the other ones in the lot, not that I cared. The card is kind of warped, there's a tear in the bottom edge and someone tried to poke Hank's eye out, but it's my favorite card of all time so it's Gem Mint to me.

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shanediaz82 said...

Man, that is a nice card.