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Monday, December 15, 2008

The Links

I'm trying to get rady to go to the post office, so no time for a real post right now. Instead, let's take the lazy blogger's way out and link to a bunch of other people's stuff.

First up, the best post of the year:

Casey At The Bat

If you haven't clicked on that already, there's really no use clicking on anything else on this site. Go check out Drudge or TMZ or Fark or something.

Next up, some year-end polls:

Mario at Wax Heaven has some awards to give out, so go vote!

2008 Gummie Nominations
New Categories

Chris Harris is taking nominations for baseball card awards. Voting is scheduled for January.

Here's some new blogs I wandered into recently:

Chuck's Used Cards

Nice twist on the title, plus where else will you find a Shea Stadium postcard, a Tommy Agee highlight, Broadway Joe, the Beatles and an England football stamp all in the same post?

Green Monster

Red Sox centric, plus more poetry!

Ok, here's some linky dinks for you all:

If not for Ben Henry's swan song, THIS might very well be the post of the year.

The second Blog Bat Around deadline is Wednesday. No, I haven't written mine yet. I am a slacker.

Joey at SqueezeplayCards completes a tough set.

I love Timelines, but Upper Deck filled me with burning seething rage with this one.

And why the heck is is snowing at a bunch of WordPress sites anyway? It's too cold to be blogging outdoors.

Blue Heaven always finds neat stuff. I want that hat.

Sad times at the Negro League Baseball Museum as a bureaucrat is about to wreck Buck O'Neil's legacy.

This has nothing to do with cards. Step 1: Weave bacon.

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Scott C. said...

Thanks for the link! Look for at least one more baseball poetry post in the next week or so.