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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Found Today at Wal-Mart

A Pack of 2008 Donruss Elite Extra.

At Wal-Mart.

Does Hobby Exclusive mean something different from what it used to?

Does it now mean "This pack is exclusively purchased by people who collect baseball cards and not people who collect WebKins, stamps or beer cans" instead of "This pack is exclusively found at hobby stores"? I don't understand this business any more. Gimme a minute and I'll rip the sucker and see what we got.

7 Beau Mills - One of Cleveland's top 5 prospects according to Baseball America.
82 Rolando Gomes - 11th round pick of the Angels. This is the first '08 Draft pick in two packs for me.
37 Gerardo Parra - Top outfield prospect for the D-Backs, he played in this year's Futures game.
33 Edgar Olmos - Third round pick of the Marlins. He chose Florida over a scholarship to Arizona. His family is still proud since he got $500,000 to sign.
87 Scott Green - 3rd round pick of Detroit. He rejected a $800,000 offer from Boston to go back to Kentucky for his Junior year. Oops.

Well, this pack was a lot better than the one I busted on A Pack A Day, that's for sure. This is the last pack I buy of this stuff. There are only three Braves in the checklist and the Gordon Beckham card that I want is autograph-only. That's probably a good safety tip for Draft Pick sets this year since the exclusives are so goofed up. Don't buy any of 'em without going over the checklist first.


Anonymous said...

Wal-mart periodically gets hobby product. 2007 and 2008 had blaster boxes of Leaf Certified Materials. 3 packs with a guaranteed AU/Gu for $30. Target locally has 2008 Sweet Spot boxes for $40 and 2008 Leaf R&S Longevity Boxes for $50, although the Sweet Spot appear to be target exclusives.

It's rare, and depends on the distributer.

White Sox Cards said...

I picked one blister pack of this at Target on Sunday.


Even with a Joba in there, nothing wowed me. Although, we'll see in a few years.

zman40 said...

My Wal-Mart had these for $5 a pack while my card store had them for $4 a pack.