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Monday, December 15, 2008

Making a list and Checkin' it twice

Time for an update on the Christmas packages. So what have I been doing the past two weeks? LOTS AND LOTS OF SORTING. I'm not as organized as David, so it's taking me a while. I have made progress and I have packages ready to send. And a lot not ready to send. Some of you are getting Valentine's gifts, I'm afraid. I'm doing my best though and I'm trying to be fair and filling out the packages in the order the comments were left. It should be easier going now that everything is sorted, but who knows.

Here's a list of everyone I've started pulling cards for. If your name isn't on the list, don't get too worried, it just means I haven't pulled any cards for you. There are plenty left, I'm just slow. Everyone else's cards is in one of these states of being:

Workin' on it: I have some cards pulled for you, but I have more to add to the pile.
Need Address: I'm still looking for your address. If you have that by your name, I've e-mailed you about it already.
Need a mailer: I ran out of large mailers and team bags over the weekend. I need to replenish so I can get packin'.
PACKAGED: Ready to go next time I get to the post office.
MAILED: Stamped and on its way.

I'll update the list after each trip to the post office so you guys know what's up.

Here's the list:

TribeCards - Workin' on it
Squeezeplay Cards PACKAGED
Dinged Corners -Workin' on it
Wax Heaven - Workin' on it
Stale Gum - Workin' on it
Thorzul - Workin' on it
Cincinnati Reds Cards - Workin' on it
Stats on the back - Workin' on it
White Sox Cards PACKAGED
capewood PACKAGED
Cardboard Addiction Complicated request... working on it
Slette Together... need a mailer
Kevin Need Address
jackplumstead Need Address
Dan - Workin' on it
SamDaMan - Workin' on it
Jeffrey Wolfe PACKAGED
Scott C. Need Address
cardboardicons - Workin' on it
Billy Suter PACKAGED
night owl PACKAGED
gritz76 - Workin' on it
shanediaz82 Need Mailer
Motherscratcher - Workin' on it
burnsee2 - Workin' on it
sluggerdeuce - Workin' on it
Brian - Workin' on it
Mark - Workin' on it
Captain Canuck - Workin' on it
thewritersjourney - Workin' on it
Alex - Workin' on it
paulsrandomstuff - Workin' on it
Zpop - Workin' on it
AdamE - Workin' on it
Rod - Workin' on it
mab - Workin' on it
zman40 - Workin' on it
jacobmrley PACKAGED

Everybody else... I'm gettin' there. Watch some Eartha Kitt singing with drag queens in the meantime.


Slette said...

In your mailing out of these packages, did you come across any readers who happen to collect the Pirates, D-Backs or Blue Jays?

dayf said...

I need to double check some of the later requests, but Pirates - Yes, they're wiped out. D-Backs & Blue Jays - No.