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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

2009 Hall of Fame Candidate - Rickey Henderson

AKA - Unanimous.

I'm serious, there is absolutely no reason why Rickey Henderson should be missing from any ballot at all this year. There's no way to justify it. None at all. The man is the best leadoff hitter in the modern era, period. Maybe of all time. Just look at the stats:

2295 runs (all-time leader)
1406 stolen bases (all-time leader)
2190 bases on balls (2nd all-time)
3055 hits
.401 career on base percentage
1115 RBIs
297 homers

Plus he played for 25 years and practically had to be physically thrown out of the league before he would retire.

What possible reason is there to not vote for him?

Rickey was a hot dog?
Rickey played in an era where some players took steroids?
Rickey referred to Rickey in the third person?
Rickey threatens to surpass Yogi Berra in amusing anecdotes?
Some weird superstition that no one should ever be elected unanimously?
Rickey played too long?

There's no doubt that Rickey's going to be inducted this year. Some tool will leave him off the ballot or send one in that's blank to get his local weekly paper 15 minutes of publicity. At least someone will get in this year for sure and if he somehow isn't inducted there's likely to be bloody riots in the stathead community. Maybe then the bass-ackwards voting process will be revamped.

Prediction: Elected with a 98% vote total.

Rickey's Rookie: 1980 Topps
Card above: 2003 Topps Chrome Record Breakers Bat card


Michael said...

I think the writer's need to defend their picks if Henderson gets left off any ballot. I agree with you, there is no reason for him not to get in. He may have hot dogged but he always backed it up offensively. Besides a 40% OBP over a 26 year career? Are you kidding me?

ManOfSteal said...

I couldn't agree with you more! There would definitely be rioting on my end if he was left off, especially since I've already paid for a fully non-refundable room for the weekend :) Sweet card you picked for the post! I have a Red Sox version, but I'd love to get my hands on the A's chrome G/U.

deal said...

Then the only debate is with what team he goes in. Likely the A's but anytime the Yanks are involved theres seems to be a discussion.

ManOfSteal said...

I do not what you're saying about the Yankees, but luckily he only played for them once, and they weren't necessarily the best years of his career. Since the HOF gets the last say as far as the team hat goes, I can't see him going in as anything other than an Athletic. It was bad enough that we lost Reggie to the Yankees, there's no way we can lose Rickey as well.

AdamE said...

Anyone that leaves him off of a ballot should get their voting privledges revoked.

Joey said...

Vote for Rickey!! He deserves to be in. I would have taken him on my team any day.

I think he needs to wear an A's cap too.

Wanna-be Asian said...

anything less than 100% would be a travesty.