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Thursday, December 4, 2008

bdj610's Baseball Card Trade

I got another package in the mail today, this one from JayBee. I sent him a bunch of Wal-Mart and Target inserts to help build up his Topps set without buying a bunch of blasters and he sent me a pile of goodies in return. I was going to post Kevin's package tonight and I feel bad for being so far behind so go check out the Orioles Card O' the Day in the meantime and I'll have it up tomorrow. Here are 10 cards fron the package that caught my attention:

2008 Topps David Justice Ring of Honor

Too beautiful... for words... cryin' a lil' bit... *sniff* so beautiful...

1999 Topps Greg Maddux Picture Perfect?

There's a question mark in the name of this insert set because the fron tof the card supposedly was photoshopped to include some sort of mistake. You were supposed to figure out the mistake but they didn't note it anywhere! I still don't know what the heck is wrong with this card unless they took his left arm out. There's also a trivia question on the back which can be answered on card #16.

2008 Topps Jake Peavy WBC Preview

Ok, here's tonights Hot Stove Update: The Braves have offered A.J. Burnett a contract. The Yankees are expected to counter tomorrow. The Blue Jays are expecting A.J. to go elsewhere. The Braves didn't offer a guaranteed 5th year on the contract which is thought to be what will take to get A.J. to sign anywhere. Meanwhile the Cubs are still trying to find a third party with some pitching to offer to try to swing a deal for Peavy, even though Lou stated he wants a bat. The principals in the Braves deal for Peavy weren't traded away in the Vazquez deal, so their offer is still the best one on the table even though both Wren and Towers are giving each other the cold shoulder right now. Rafael Furcal also hasn't signed yet and isn't expected to until the winter meetings, which would be the Braves' next target if Yunel is traded. Some speculate that the Burnett offer for four years instead of five is a way of putting the squeeze on Towers while keeping their options open on A.J. since he would take a 5 year deal but wait on a 4 with an option. Meanwhile Laura's cheating on Rhett who got Sally pregnant who is hiding Leo from the cops because he's covering for Jennifer who just murdered Alec because he was blackmailing Laura.


2007 Co-Signers Andruw Jones/Edgar Renteria #144/175

The Ghost of Edgar Renteria is haunting Andruw. Even more now since he just signed with the Giants. This card is only a year and a half old and both players wore out their welcome at the teams they joined last year.

2006 Topps Rafael Furcal Trading Places

Return, prodigal son, return! I'm all out of veal ,but I got some hot dogs in the fridge!

2008 Topps Brandon Jones K-Mart Rookies

This is the first K-Mart blaster exclusive card I've had my hands on. My first reaction when I saw it was that it looked like it had been cut off the bottom of a box. Most of the K-Marts in Georgia closed up shop years ago so I've never even seen a Topps K-Mart blaster.

2005 Hot Button Baseball Andruw Jones

JayBee also included an Estrada card from this set in the package. Every time I see one I have an unge to go find the game system for this set on eBay.

2002 Donruss Class of 2001 Chipper Jones Sample Card

I know where JayBee got this card! This was stuck inside a Beckett from 2002. I had a subscription that year and got all these sample cards. Not one Brave though for a subscription to Atlanta. Thanks Beckett you cheapskates!

2003 Topps205 Javy Lopez mini Polar Bear back

So, Javier Vazquez was introduced as a Brave today. Fearless Frank introduced him as... Javy Lopez. How many facepalms do you think Schuerholz does daily? And how fantastic is it to finally have a GM that we can make fun of! Keep making the gaffes, Wren! I'll have lots of stuff to write about!

2007 Allen & Ginter China Flags of the World

Wooo! Great Wall! I've got eight to go, I'll finish this set by the end of the decade yet.

Also included in the package was a pile of '07 Updates & Highlights cards, 10 more Topps inserts from the Topps Master and some assorted Bravos including Chipper, Andruw, Javy and Spahn. Thanks JayBee! You've got at last a couple more T205's coming your way soon!


James B. Anama said...


I'm glad you got the package and that you liked the cards.

Funny thing about those Hot Button baseball cards. I have the full set (about 140 cards total) after opening tons and tons of packs of this stuff. There are three Braves cards in this set, two of which you now have. I went through all my extras and I couldn't find the third one.

Now I never kept track of the 20 cards that came with the game (and it's the same 20 cards included WITH EVERY GAME). That means that the third Brave is included with the machine. Take a guess on who that would be, and I'm sure that would give you more motivation to get one.


JayBee Anama

bailorg said...


In terms of the Maddux card, did Topps do something to the fence?

That yellow stripe looks about twice as thick as it should be. Or they might have removed a team logo or two from that section of the fence.

Anonymous said...

Topps "'shopped" Maddux catching arm off. And yes, that is a pun (shopped=chopped)

PunkRockPaint said...

The Hot Button Baseball game is not so great... Like JayBee, I bought a ton of packs (on clearance.) I'll dig through and see if I can find Larry for you.

There were shiny cards randomly inserted. I don't remember pulling a shiny Chipper, but it wouldn't surprise me.