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Monday, December 29, 2008

10 Questions From Dinged Corners

Dinged Corners posted an End of the Year collecting questionnaire that is very good for personal growth and introspection for all us card junkies. If you haven't done so, check it out and reflect upon your hobby. Since everyone else is posting their answers, I'm going to do it too. Here are the questions:

Round One:

1-If I didn't collect baseball cards, I'd collect _________.

2-My baseball heroes include one you probably wouldn't know from my blog or comments, and that person is __________.

3-Every New Years I resolve to __________ my collection.

4-If I could spend a day with one person from baseball history, it would be ________.

Round Two:

1-What is your favorite kind of dog?

2-Who is your favorite baseball player?

3-What is your favorite team?

4-What is your favorite baseball movie?

5-What is your favorite baseball book?

6-What is your favorite card?

My answers:

Round One:
1 - coins
One of these days I'm going to get sick and tired of the shenanigans in this hobby and dump it all to work on my Morgan Silver Dollar collection.

2 - Carlton Fisk
I'm kind of shocked I haven't really discussed this on the blog yet... Carlton was my first real player collection.

3 - Organize
Anyone need some '87 Topps? How about '86? '88? '90? '84? '93? I got Fleer, Donruss, Upper Deck, Score, Pinnacle, Leaf, Ultra, and a bunch of others too. I just need to find 'em...

4 - Babe Ruth

If I could spend one day with Babe Ruth, I know one thing... Even if I didn't see one pitch of baseball, I'd still have a helluva good time.

Round 2:
1 - Pug

Let me start off by stating that I do not like dogs. I grew up with not one, but two completely brain damaged huge slobbery dogs and I'm not interested in any more dogs. However, pugs are just ugly and insane enough to break through my emotional canine defenses. A Boston Terrier is a very close second.

2 - Chipper Jones

This is the Chipper that lives in my wallet.

3 - Braves
You knew that already.

4 - The Naked Gun

I know what you're thinking, The Naked Gun isn't a baseball movie. WRONG. The movie has the absolutely best baseball comedy scenes in any movie period. The last third of the movie in Dodger Stadium beats any other baseball comedy out there. I MUST... KILL.. THE QUEEN...

5 - The Great American Baseball Card Flipping, Trading and Bubble Gum Book

If I could only have one baseball card book, this would be the one.

6 - 1956 Topps Hank Aaron

I love it so much it's in my Saul Bass parody logo over there!


Rod said...

if you find the 86 Topps I am working on that set now.

dinged corners said...

We admit that we WERE wondering about The Naked Gun so thanks for the clarification. Although now we need to rent it. PS Lucy really liked the pug video.

Cardboard Addiction said...

"Hey Everybody, it's Enriquo Pallazo!"

night owl said...

I posted my answers after previously leaving my comments, too. I guess I wasn't quick enough to come up with the "I'll post-not-comment" thing.

I'll never be a trend-setter.

sruchris said...

I actually need some 1986 Topps. My want/have list is here:


MMayes said...

"...Bunch of bombs in the air..."

White Sox Cards said...

The scene from the Naked Gun that makes me laugh every time?

Four baserunners trotting past second base, all in a row.