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Friday, December 12, 2008

A.J.'s a Yank

Five years, 82.5 million.

Ya know what?

I'm relieved.

That's not sour grapes either, that's just too much for A.J. in my opinion. Still, it's back to the drawing board for Frank Wren. Hopefully there's a trick up his sleeve. Here's some reaction. Dave O'Brien's Braves blog should be interesting tonight.

In other news Chuck James got dumped, which does make me sad. Good luck Chuckles, wherever you are...


Anonymous said...

I think he'll be the second coming of Carl Pavano. :)

Dave - Fielder's Choice said...

Haha. A.J. Burnett's inconsistency and injury history for $82.5 million. Of all the pitchers on the market, why give that money to him?

Anonymous said...

Wow, Braves fans must be thanking their lucky stars. AJ is so not worth that $16 million per year. I think teams get caught up in his high-strikeout rate, but his bloated ERA and inconsistency throughout his career is a huge detraction. Derek Lowe will be the better/smarter acquisition this off season.

Ben said...

I'm glad Frank didn't pick up Burnett, but I'm starting to get worried. We don't have anything but a good middle of the order starter to show for the off season so far.

I know there's plenty of time, but something needs to start happening soon.

night owl said...

The Dodgers didn't get Sabathia and they're not going to get Peavy, but at least they didn't get this guy. Over a month ago I said: "Let the Yankees throw their money at this train wreck in waiting," referring to Burnett. That's exactly what they did.

They say George isn't running the show there anymore. Are they sure about that?

Chris Harris said...

Think about what you just pulled.

A game used bat card of an American League pitcher.

Gee thanks, UD.

dayf said...

But it goes so well with my David Ortiz game used glove card!

Chris Harris said...

At least Burnett has had 8 ABs the last three years, so it's plausible that it is, in fact, "game used."

Unlike, say, a Jack Morris "game used" bat card.