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Monday, December 8, 2008


Joe Gordon is in the Hall of Fame.

Ron Santo is not.

I've gone through the feelings of confusion, anger and outrage already. It seems like I go through it every single year, to be honest. You know what? I'm not congratulating Joe Gordon on his election. Joe Gordon has been dead for thirty years. Ron Santo is alive, and is already a great baseball ambassador for his play and his broadcasting work. But apparently in order to get recognized nowadays you have to be dead. So in essence, the Hall of Fame Veterans Committee just told Ron Santo, Dick Allen, Tony Oliva, Joe Torre, Al Oliver, Luis Tiant and Maury Wills to drop dead.


No player has been elected by the Veterans Committee since Mazeroski. Just executives and managers.

It now seems as if the whole point of this charade is to torment retired ballplayers by getting their hopes up every two years and then dashing it on the rocks. If that's the case, then just fucking dissolve the Veterans Committee altogether. Preferably with sulfuric acid. You've already changed the process three times and it's not working. At all. Maybe the crony system that put in Maz was the system that ACTUALLY WORKED.

Seriously, just stop this bullshit. You're doing nothing but angering your fan base and losing credibility every day.

The Hall of Fame will not be seeing a check from me in 2009. 2010 looks pretty bad too.


Gellman said...

HOF is a joke because the people who vote on it think like Joe Morgan. Its pretty sad.

Flash said...

Yeah, I call shenanigans on this crap. And Joe Morgan should be outlawed, PERIOD.

night owl said...

Mickey Vernon beat the Hall to it. He died in September. But that didn't help him this time.

Anonymous said...

I'm too young to have seen any of these guys play, so I lack any real sense of outrage. I have to think that if the sportswriters of the day didn't elect a player in the all the years they were on the ballot... maybe they might have known what they were doing.

But I do think it's silly to run the veterans committee election every couple of years. Just stop having them if you're going to rig it so nobody ever gets picked.