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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Treats from Treecat

This trade started a little strangely. I bought a pack of 2008 Topps Baseball Updates & Highlights Presents 2008 Topps Heritage High Numbers Series when it first hit the local hobby store and I ripped it on a A Pack A Day. The big hit was a Jermaine Dye jersey card, but one reader spied a different card out of the pack. Here's the exact comment:
Why do I feel like Charlie Brown and I'm looking at you like you're Lucy, holding my coveted Joe Shlabotnik?
That comment came from morineko of Olagato House and it referred to this guy:

She is a big fan of Seth, who just happens to be a short print in the series. Since it would be extremely difficult to pull this SP out of packs and since I don't care a lick for Seth (or this entire set, for that matter) I offered to send her the card. I identify greatly with Charlie Brown also, and I couldn't live with myself if I was denying someone their Joe Shlabotnik.

So I sent off McClung and some stuff of her want list and got back some goodies in return. The '07 Goudey Ichiro above is one of them. Dang I love that Heads Up set. But wait, there's more...

Morineko is famous for really nifty stationary. I got the fairy paper.

Included were some Braves Timelines cards. The Timeless Teams Smoltz is above, the '95 SP short print of Brandon Jones is below. Both are needed for the set and greatly appreciated. My box is scheduled to arrive on the 5th so get ready for a retro UD gimmicky box break! Also included were the base cards of Smoltzie and Chipper.

There were a bunch of random Braves in there too, including 5 Chippers. This one here is from 2007 Ultra, and it reminds me why I miss the set so much. I had a bit of a Stadium Club mania yesterday, but you know what would be a better deal than Stadium Club right now? Picking up a bunch of boxes of '07 Ultra Hobby. For a little over the price of a pack of Stadium Club, you can get a hobby box of Ultra SE and get more cards and jerseys and autographs than in the Stadium Club. Then, next year when Topps has turned Topps Total into a $1000 a pack high end product that no one can afford, you can go back and scoop up all those unbought Stadium Club packs cheap. Along with this Ultra Chipper there's also an Infield Power insert, a 50th Anniversart Topps insert, a green StarQuest and a Target T205 card.

There's a few other Bravos in there including Smoltz, McCann, Kotchman, Sammons and Nunez.

Wrapping it up is five cards from my 2007 Updates & Highlights want list. I'm pretty sure that list is out of date now. I think I'm going to delete it until I can properly catalog the set again. I know for a fact I need the McCann card though, I'm surprised I didn't have it already.

More cool stuff from a fellow blogger. Thanks again!

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Anonymous said...

I still intend to make a post about what you sent me--unfortunately I can only take 1 or 2 days a month to post on cards ( which is why I've had no posts at the blog lately)

I'm glad you liked what you received.