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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Thorzul Timelines

Ok, time to catch up on my trading posts. Here's one from Thorzul, he noticed I was into Timelines and offered me some from the blaster he got (and didn't like). I am sending him all the Brewers he needs from the set for a pile of short prints. Notice I said am as in, I haven't sent them yet. Yep, I'm slack. In my defense, I'm waiting to get all his giveaway cards together before sending them. Here's what he sent:

I got another stadium! This one is pretty cool too, there's fireworks at The Jake. I've got two thirds of them now and I'm closing in on the rest. I'll be getting 18 of them soon, I'll be happy if I knock out 5 more with my box.

Here's a '94 short print of Felipe Paulino. I only consider the SP designs SPs. Everything else is a subset as far as I'm concerned. I'm kinda sorta building the set, but I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with these short printed cards. They might be easy and cheap enough to get, but I'm not sure if I'll have the testicular fortitude to actually chase them all down. I think if I manage to get the base set, the '92 subset, the '95 die cuts and all thirty stadiums, that might sate my appetite for these cards. Or not... who can tell?

Here's all the rest of the short prints subset cards I got from Thorzul. There's some good stuffs in there... Ichiro, Papi, Jeets, Bruce. A Kosuke Fukudome die cut was in the package too, but I didn't scan it. I'm seriously sick of KoFu cards. I'll take 'em for a set, but I've pulled so damn many of them it's giving me heartburn.

And finally, there's a stealth jersey of Tim Hudson in there. #181/125. No jerseys were mentioned in the e-mail and now I'm scrambling for a Brewer relic. I think he wiped me out on good Brewers in that trade me anything deal though. I'll find something... oh yes I shall...

Thanks Thorzul, I'll try to have a package wating for you once you return from your holiday!

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