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Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Boxing Day

So, did y'all have a good Christmas? Get lots of goodies? Eat too much figgy pudding? Me too. I'm going to take this week before New Years to chill out, get organized and catch up on some stuff. Mail off some of those Christmas packages I promised. You'll be seeing a lot of posts featuring packages I got days and weeks ago but haven't gotten around to putting up on the blog yet. Other than that, I'm not going to make too much effort though. I'll get back on track in '09. Got some stuff planned.

You guys get any cards for Christmas? I see a few bloggers did. Just between you and me, I got myself a little Christmas present. I got the box from Dave and Adam's for the extra holiday goodies, but I feel bad about neglecting my local kickass retailer. I'll have to go make a trip to the brick 'n mortar store soon to make up for it. I just couldn't resist a box of Timelines with free shipping and extra swag, especially since a hobby box now costs just over the price of two blasters. I haven't done a full blown pack by pack box bust in a long time so I'm due for one. This will be the first one I've done of an Upper Deck Product if I'm not mistaken, so Topps should be sweating right now. Ah, who am I kidding. I'm just biding my time 'till Heritage and they know it.

To everybody out there, have an enjoyable holiday, get some rest and have some fun. Only 6 more days in this crummy year before we get to a shiny brand new one! For anyone out there who isn't completely fed up with Christmas Cheer, here's some fun holiday links I was going to post yesterday before I got lazy.

Christmas Games
Christmas Comics
Some Kickin' Christmas Tunes

And the thing I look forward to every year... The Venture Brothers Christmas Song.



Anonymous said...

I love that Burt Sugar's name is spelled both "Burt" and "Bert"

dayf said...

Ha! I never noticed Upper Deck screwed that up before. No wonder he has that strange look on his face.