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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Goodies from Wax Heaven

I'm completely, totally, incredibly behind in everything, but I'm going to post these packages if it kills me. This one from Mario at Wax Heaven arrived in the mail yesterday. I haven't sent him anything in months though and this just came out of the blue. I'm still trying to get my hands on his Christmas present, as the guy who has it now is hard to track down. Maybe this weekend...

Anyway, here are the complete contents of Mario's trade/gift/whatever, probably the last time I show off everything in a package until I catch up. That will probably be about 2013.

The Best Card In The Package:

That's right, a 2008 Timelines Timeless Teams Chipper Jones. that's the best one. I've been picking up packs here and there hoping for one of these for weeks. Now I finally have my Turner Field Stadium shot:

And you can't see the brand new tomahawking Chick-Fil-A cow, thank God.

Three Low Numbered Jersey Cards:

Woooo! Jerseys! Numbered to 130 is still low numbered nowadays, right? Anyway, here's the swag:

2004 Upper Deck Authentic Stars Rafael Furcal #32/75
2005 SPXtreme Stats TimHudson #106/130
2007 Ultimate America's PAstime Andruw Jones #21/75

I didn't have any of these and I'd never seen the Ultimate jersey before. The Ultimate is nice, it's kinda patriotic.

2008 Donruss Threads Aaron & Murph

This is a team set, I think... I'm not sure if the Braves draft pick is in the set or not. I now have an extra Murpoh to send along in the Xmas packages too!

2007 Bowman Sterling Jeff Locke

Believe it or not, this is the first Bowman Sterling card I've gotten my hands on. It looks like... Chrome with delusions of grandeur. Not bad stuff though. Jeff Locke is the prospect Kevin Towers wanted that derailed the Peavy trade, so I guess he's pretty good.

2008 Stadium Club Gregor Blanco 1st day issue #183/199

There were three Stadium Club cards in there, but this was the most interesting. It's a 1st day issue card, but it's really thick and is serial numbered on the back. Is this the hobby version?

A Mess O' Braves

Some Braves to keep and some Braves to give away. I'm still working on the Xmas packages, by the way. I'll have an update for y'all probably tomorrow.

1997 Bowman Chrome

Maddog and Smoltzie! I have neither of these as I didn't get into BowChro all that much in the '90s. I didn't see the point when there was Bowman's Best. these are really nice looking cards though, I can see why they are some of Mario's favorites.

An Almost Team Set of 1997 Pinnacle Ceritfied

The team set is only missing Klesko and I've probably got 3 or 4 of that card. This is another really nice looking set, but all the cards are really curved. And by all the cards, I mean 'every one ever produced in the history of civilzation'. Talk about shiny... you could shave using these things. They all have that protective film on them too. To peel or not to peel, that is the question...

Thanks again Mario! You'll be getting something soon as soon as I track down that guy with your card. Check out Wax Heaven for some more bloggy goodness!


Wax Heaven said...

Glad you liked the cards. No need to repay me at all as you are the owner of all my Braves. I feel as a Marlins fan that it's bad karma for me to hold on to them.

steveisjewish said...

sweet haul - I have a less impressive package ready for you sir - just need you to email me your address again!