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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Omar Minaya is a Quantum Physicist

Well, it just seems that way after he pulled off this wacky three team, twelve player megatrade to get J.J. Putz. I'll say one thing, the Mets have a helluva bullpen now. Meanwhile, Kevin Towers can't seem to get anyone to trade him anything for a Cy Young winner. Yeah, I'm bitter.

That's not the only crazy news I heard, Scott Thorman is a Brewer! When the hell did that happen? Scott actually needed a change of scenery as he was never going to crack the lineup again, but I don't think he's going to bump Prince out of the lineup.

Other than blockbuster trades or signings, the fun at the Winter Meetings today is the Rule V Draft. Teams are already clearing out roster space to pick up another organization's unprotected players. The players in the draft are usually former prospects who have worn out their welcome or are really far down the depth chart. However, some gems like Josh Hamilton and Johan Santana occasionally fall through the cracks. Oh, and some guy named Roberto. Just like Madding, I'll be hitting F5 on MLBTradeRumors.com pretty much all day today.

UPDATE: Rule V Draft results. The Braves didn't take anyone and no Braves were taken outfielder Carl Loadenthal was taken by the goddamn Mets in the Triple-A portion of the draft. Donald Veal is the only guy I recognize on first glance.

Also, the Cubs/Peavy deal is dead. Jim Hendry got tired of Kevin Towers' crap too.


deal said...

Shane Vicotrino - Rule V'd twice in his career.

Captain Canuck said...

Scotty signed with the Brewers a little over a week ago. I never post about that stuff 'cause you always beat me to it. I assumed you wrote about this and I just missed it.

Shows what I know...