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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Most of a 2008 Stadium Club Braves Team Set Direct from Albukwirke

Albukwirke recently sent me a few Braves out of his many blasters of Stadium club. Actually he sent me the entire team set except Smoltz. Check 'em out:

23 Tom Glavine

70 Brian McCann

83 Chipper Jones

104 Gregor Blanco

137 Brandon Jones

Kris also sent a second chipper with this odd bit of schmutz on it:

It's a little red blob that looks like it's embedded under the UV coating. Whatever it is, you can see an imprint of the red blotch on the other Chipper. It's a /1 blob card! The newest gimmick!

There are actually three other Braves players featured in Stadium Club, they just don't have base cards. Gregor Blanco and Brent Lillibridge are part of the autographed rookie short prints, and Jair Jurrjens and Mark Kotsay have Beam Team cards. Two of those guys have already been traded. It seems like that's common in smaller sets nowadays, some players aren't good enough to merit a card in the base set, but they'll happily sign a sheet of stickers placed in front of them so they end up in an autograph insert.

Kris also sent aWarren Spahn Donruss Puzzle piece card and an autograph of Lance Niekro that will be up on Auto-Matic for the People either tonight on maybe next week. Thanks Kris!


PAB said...

I got you covered with Smoltz. Just sent an e-mail.

AlbuqwirkE said...

You did need that Spahn corner right?

Strange that I would have it since it was the ONLY puzzle card in my collection.

dayf said...

Yep, I needed it all right. Well, I probably already had it floating around *somewhere* but it was your piece that got punched out and taped to the rest of the puzzle I started to put together about 20 years ago.