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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santa's Draggin' His Butt This Year

So, what have I learned from this Christmas Giveaway?


Man, I have no idea how Tribecards does it. I'm swamped. I have made some progress, but sadly most of you will be getting New Years/President's Day/Valentines Day gifts. I've got a few mailed off and a few more packaged but the vast majority are still in the box. Basically I made the decision to put a little thought into the packages and as a result, it's taking forever since I'm looking through my other doubles and through want lists. Since I know some of you kiddies out there will be a little disappointed not having cards in your stocking, here's what I'm gonna do for you. I'll fatten the packages a bit to start. Every package I don't get out this year will get a bonus insert card. If it hasn't been sent by January 15th, there will be a relic or auto wrapped up in there too. Sound good? Santa's lazy, but generous. Here's an update on the progress:

Squeezeplay Cards
White Sox Cards
Jeffrey Wolfe
Billy Suter
Night Owl
O's Card of the Day

TribeCards - Workin' on it
Dinged Corners -Workin' on it
Wax Heaven - Workin' on it
Stale Gum - Workin' on it
Thorzul - PACKAGED
Cincinnati Reds Cards - Workin' on it
Stats on the back - Workin' on it
Cardboard Addiction Complicated request... working on it
jackplumstead PACKAGED
Dan - Workin' on it
SamDaMan - Workin' on it
Scott C. Need Address
cardboardicons - Workin' on it
gritz76 - PACKAGED
shanediaz82 Need Mailer
Motherscratcher - Workin' on it
burnsee2 - Workin' on it
sluggerdeuce - Workin' on it
Brian - Workin' on it
Mark - Workin' on it
Captain Canuck - Workin' on it
thewritersjourney - Workin' on it
Alex - Workin' on it
paulsrandomstuff - Workin' on it
Zpop - Workin' on it
AdamE - Workin' on it
Rod - Workin' on it
mab - Workin' on it
zman40 - Workin' on it
Tastelikedirt - PACKAGED
Hand Collated - PACKAGED
PunkRockPaint PACKAGED
Ben - Workin' on it
Laurens - Workin' on it
Harrison - Workin' on it
deal - Workin' on it
spelledwithanx - Workin' on it
tnp 777 - Workin' on it
Matt - Workin' on it
Nachos Grande - Workin' on it
Michel - Workin' on it
Chuck's Used Cards - Workin' on it
RoofGod - Workin' on it
Flash - Workin' on it
Steveisjewish - Workin' on it
Mike Raleigh - Workin' on it
Bo - Workin' on it
TheJaw - Workin' on it
Baseball Dad - Workin' on it
Aron - Workin' on it
Hookman - Workin' on it
DaveH - Workin' on it
Don - Workin' on it
Andrew - Workin' on it

Anyway, enjoy your Holidays and relax to some soothing Christmas music!

Oh, by the way... the guys who asked for Braves are going to be waiting the longest, but you're gonna be LOADED.


--David said...

I only got about half the giveaways done so far myself! I don't know what happened this year, but the holidays came up from behind and whacked me on the back of the head! I am way behind, too!!

madding said...

I guess Santa is leaving me a lump of coal this year... or maybe just a stack of beat up Pacific trading cards.

deal said...

Keep up the good work. it will be a good after the holiday present. There is are a lot of crummy weeks between New Years and opening day.

dayf said...

That's actually a good spin on this debacle.

"Free Cards To Tide You Over 'Till The 2009 Stuff Comes Out"

And I'm pretty sure I've got some cards set aside for you somewhere madding... I thought you were on the list. If you ain't you is now.

Captain Canuck said...

I'm going to be waiting the longest... but am gonna end up loaded.
Sounds like my wedding day!
BOOM! Oh snap!

Scott C. said...

I thought I'd sent my address already... probably meant to and just forgot. I'll send it to you now just to be sure. Thanks again.