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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


No, not that one.

Javier Vazquez.

I go to AJC to check on the Senate race and BAM, mediocre pitcher in my face.

Details on David O'Brien's beat blog and on MLB Trade Rumors.

Card and possible grumbling to follow.



I'm liking the trade a little better. Tyler Flowers better not be in the mix.


More details - VaZquez (I've already misspelled his name, sheesh) and Boone Logan for Brent Lillibridge, a pitcher (Maybe Jo Jo Reyes, maybe not) and a prospect. Vazquez can eat innings like I can eat pie, but he seems awfully average. Boone's a lefty so the pressure to try to re-sign Will Ohman is reduced slightly. Both will probably be on the opening day roster.

Lillibridge hasn't developed like they thought he would,had a terrible season last year and looks to be completely blocked by Yunel Escobar. Jo Jo had an awful year in 2008 just like most of the rest of the Braves pitching staff. He's only 23 and was probably rushed to the bigs, so maybe he can rebound. Tyler Flowers is the catching prospect that was tearing up the joint in the Arizona League. He's rumored to be in the deal, probably because he's rumored to be in every deal right now. Nothing confirmed yet, especially since Vazquez has to pass his physical.


Ok now it's a four for two deal apparently. Four prospects out of a group of five and no Jo Jo.

Best comment from the Mets Blog:

We’ll bomb him like Carrie Fisher bombed Elwood’s apartment….

Mets fans seem to be as panicky as Braves fans so that calms my ragged nerves a bit. Of course we're both looking up longingly at the Phils.

Down off the ledge Canuck...


Ok, David O'Brien's got the details:

Tyler Flowers
Brent Lillibridge
Jon Gilmore
Santos Rodriguez

for Vaz and Boone. Tyler Flowers actually called David and said he was in the deal.

So what he have is...
A slugging catcher prospect who tore up the Arizona Fall League but hasn't actually played above A-ball yet,
A former top prospect who played poorly while being shuffled between Richmond and Atlanta but still has upside,
A very raw third base prospect who has loads of potential but won't be ready for at least 3 years,
And a decent lefty relief prospect who hasn't actually played in A-ball yet for...

A workhorse pitcher with a mediocre record and ERA who can be counted on for about 200 innings and 180 Ks and at least 10-12 wins,
And a 23-year old lefty reliever who provides some depth in the 'pen and has a little upside left.

One of those pieces may very well come back to haunt us in 5 years, but in essence we filled two roster spots for about 12 million and four players who weren't going to contribute much next year. One thing is for sure, Vazquez is not an ace. This is a very good move if the Braves follow it up by trading for Peavy, or signing Burnett or maybe Lowe. If Oliver Perez is our ace next year we're in trouble. If Vazquez is our ace next year, we're in BAD trouble. It's a lot of prospects to be throwing around for someone who is not a premier player, but in the end there's a good chance that 2 years of Javier and several years of Logan might end up producing more than the guys we gave up. It's a decent first step, and it's nice to have it completed before the Winter Meetings, but more has to happen after this in order for the Braves to compete next year.

Now I can finally go hunt for a Vazquez card, and finish up a post I meant to have done hours ago.


Captain Canuck said...

I feel ill... I need to lie down for awhile....

White Sox Cards said...

Good luck with Vazquez. The Braves are gonna need it! He's a great innings eater, but when he needs to step up, he falls apart. Maybe a switch back to the NL will be just the thing for him.

I hope Boone clicks with the team. He's a great pick up!

dinged corners said...

Wow, Saxby Chambliss and Javier Vazquez all in one day...you Georgians are lucky ducks. :)

The funny thing is how the big change of venue often makes such a mysterious difference, so V. could end up being good news.

White Sox Cards said...

I love the Mets bloggers quote!

jim_bob said...

I'm still hoping we bring Peavy to The Ted! Maybe we can trade Vazquez to San Diego for Peavy???

Anonymous said...

Vazquez is a great number five starter or a decent number four. I kinda wanted him to land in New York as a back-of-the-rotation innings eater.

But, yeah... I was worried for a minute when I heard the Braves traded for a pitcher -- I thought they got Peavy. ;)

White Sox Cards said...

Search my site for Vazquez card images. There should be plenty. :)

dayf said...

I'm going to look for a Vazquez card of my own to scan, Steve. I need to find a Baines and a Raines card for my Hall of Fame profiles anyway. Oh wait...

DC - Don't remind me about Saxby. Bleeccch. At least the goddamn commercials are over.

Motherscratcher said...

I think you're going to be pleasantly surprised by Vazquez. His numbers will improve just by moving over to the NL (sorry, it's true). And they weren't too bad to begin with.

I wouldn't be surprised if he's good for 15-16 wins.

White Sox Cards said...

I know you make things hard for yourself, but if you want the easy way out... there is my blog that has all of those things.

:) LOL