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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

2008 Topps Baseball Updates & Highlights Presents 2008 Topps Heritage High Numbers Series Review

So there I was in the card aisle. I was staring at the blaster of - let's just call it High Series - in my hand. Looking deeply into the pretty blue package cluttered with too many words and logos. Looking at the three sample cards of Jay Bruce, Evan Longoria and, ugh, the Topps card of Kosuke Fukudome. Flipping the box over to look at the odds, and the offer of gum in every pack, and the groups of possible relic cards. Just looking at it. And not putting it in my basket. Looking at the other stuff on the shelf. Old baseball I don't want. Lots of football I don't want. Loose packs of Timelines. Blister packs of Stadium Club. A whole lotta nothin. I looked at the blaster one more time... and put it back on the shelf.

Now why the hell would an admitted junkie pass up a fix of what is usually the really good stuff and go wandering towards the produce aisle instead?

Is it the lousy checklist?
Is it the two unwanted Updates & Highlights cards per pack?
Have I been trained to start lusting for 2009 Heritage each December instead?
Is it that horrible, wretched gum?
Is it the fact that it seems like Topps just mailed this one in?
Am I bitter that I want Bowman Heritage and Topps gave me this??
Is it all of the above?

I don't know what it is, but I looked at that box of Heritage High Numbers and didn't feel even remotely interested in opening it. There wasn't even a bonus insert box topper to sweeten the pot. It just felt like Topps just knew we would buy Heritage no matter how shoddy a product it was so they just pooted out an inferior product and sat back to wait for our money to roll in. Will I eventually get desperate enough for a Heritage fix to buy a blaster? Maybe. There was a first series Heritage box there too and I was more tempted to get it instead just for the short prints. You know... be careful what you wish for. I raked '52 rookies over the coals for their laziness in design, but you know what? Another series of that would be better than this. At least '52 Rookies had the guts to give us only 6 cards a pack without trying to insult our intelligence by inserting two Updates & Highlights cards (undercutting their own product by the way) that we didn't really want.

So do I hate Heritage now? No, I love Heritage. If I saw a big pile of commons from High Series in a nickel box I'd snap 'em all up. Buying packs though.. I just don't know. If any one of the problems with the set were fixed - a checklist not comprised of bench players, team cards and rookies - no #$^@% Topps cards in the pack - something, ANYTHING, special to chase other than short prints, the same inserts from the base set and the occasional relic which you rarely find in a blaster anyway - even gum that didn't taste like rotten vegetables - I might be ripping a hobby box right now. As it is though... I don't know. Maybe I'll just wait a few months and see how far the price drops.


Chris said...

God, my wife purchased two boxes for me when she was at a card shop in Snellville to buy herself WebKinz and she thought I would like them, I busted like crazy only to find that in my two boxes, I received the exact same cards from the regular set and the same black backs in each box. At least the short prints, inserts and box toppers were different. I also got a Tommy Davis auto which was damn cool since I'm a huge Ball Four fan. All in all, I'd rather have Bowman Heritage back, or maybe, just maybe, Topps could come up with something new for set collectors to build.

RoofGod said...

Well I agree that the checklist is bit on the lackluster side. The two Updates & Highlights cards are not unnecessary. I believe they are there so we could have a high series of Heritage. The high series Heritage cards are actually insert cards in Updates & Highlights. Actually a clever way for Topps to get around the set limits that MLB has impossed. At least thats my theory.

mmosley said...

I think I smell the word "pooted" in your post! Stinky!

dinged corners said...

We got one pack and these cards are a revoltin' development. The squad that does Allen and Ginter must be kept in seclusion somewhere because it's hard to believe these items come from the same company.

White Sox Cards said...

I'm not liking the way these cards are presented, but I'd like to finish off my Heritage set and this still qualifies.

steveisjewish said...

I am with Steve - sure there are a few nice rookies - but overall, I am underwhelmed - but I need to finish what I started.

Joey said...

If you are a set builder then you need them. If you collect a player that is in there then you need that player not a box.

I would rather have Bowman Heritage too.

GCA said...

I got two boxes too and felt like I was opening Bowman or something with all the no-name players. (You'll never actually see me opening Bowman). I think I know some traders who still need some U&H, so they're good for that at least. But the kicker was that I didn't get a GU or auto in one box. I got 12 black backs out of that one (6 in the other), but that's no substitute. Should I call 1-800-Topps? It doesn't say "on average"....