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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dominos are falling

Stuff is finally happening at the winter meetings in Vegas. I guess the GMs have blown all their cash at the poker tables and have nothing better to do than work. Here's some of the stuff that's gone down so far:

Captain Cheezburger goes to New York

7 year deal, CC can opt out in 3 years and try to cash in again. The deal is for $161 million dollars (cue Dr. Evil) so really, how much more can he cash in? I tried to envision CC in a Yank uni and I think I did a mighty fine job if I say so myself.

Mets get another Closer

K-Rod to the Mets, 3 years, $37 million with a vesting option for a fourth. The Phillies are terrified.

Indians trying to get some Wood

Kerry still needs to take his physical, which should be an adventure. Funny how the closers are all jumping off the table while the starting pitching market is still constipated. None of the big bats are really moving either.

Peavy deal is still a Trainwreck

Now the Phillies are supposedly involved. Yeah, they'd want to help improve the Cubs' chances at taking the Pennant away from them just so they can get Mark DeRosa. Give me a break.

As far as the Braves go, we're now in a bidding war with the Yankees for A.J. Burnett, so yeah, we're screwed. The offer has reportedly gone up $20 million and added a guaranteed 5th year, so yeah, we're totally utterly screwed. The Yankees just got a $40 Billion dollar bailout from Congress too, which doesn't help. On a happier note, there is a reported Chipper sighting on the AJC's Braves blog (look for U Kno Who) which is quickly devolving into a trollfest since the AJC's commenting system sucks. If anything interesting happens I'll try to let y'all know.


tastelikedirt said...

C.C. in Yankee uniform already! That looks sharp.

Anonymous said...

Calling the Peavy trade a trainwreck is being kind. I prefer to call it a cluster***. I'm just ready for it to be over one way or another.

I love the CC card. Maybe you should send that to Topps so they can use it for their 2009 set.