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Monday, December 1, 2008

So long, Hampy

I know many of you out there are eagerly anticipating me to complete the title statement with "...and don't let the door bruise your ass on the way out" but I'm not going there. He pitched decently for two seasons, the trade made sense at the time and we gave up Tim Spooneybarger to get him. It was really bad luck that Mike broke down at the same time the Rockies and Marlins no longer had to pay his salary, but them's the breaks. Hampton was a good scapegoat for the past three dreadful years, but let's face it, there were a whole lot of other bad moves that lead to the recent 90 loss season.

Good luck in Houston, Mike. May the entire left side of your body not seize up and completely implode on the mound at Minute Maid as it seemed like it would many times during your Braves tenure.


Aron said...

As an Astros fan...i like to remember him for his glory days many moons ago with us...that said...1 year $2 mil, not a huge risk.

Captain Canuck said...

an amazing deal for the 'stros. Hammy is a great top of the line starter.......when healthy. 2 mil up front is a great deal.
I was hoping the Bravos would try and get Burnett and Hampton to share a contract. A.J. always pitches great at the beginning, gets injured at the end... Hampton the reverse. It woulda been perfect. But no.

madding said...

As much as I hate the Astros, I don't dislike Hampton, so it's hard for me to root against the guy even when I feel like I should.