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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Well, They're Doing Something at Least


Actually, I really am this excited... did you see Corky Miller try to hit last year?

Fearless Frank went all out and offered catcher David Ross a TWO year deal to be Big Mac's understudy. Dave's no fool and jumped at the opportunity. Considering Tyler Flowers in A-Ball was our most accomplished hitter at the backup position (why the hell did we give away Brayan Pena for nothin' again?) a decent backup was desperately needed. Ok, so Dave has a .222 lifetime average. He sure can hit homers in the Great American Ballpark! Plus it means that this refractor I got out of a pack of 2007 Heritage is no longer a lousy pull.

In other news, I finally found a Javier Vazquez insert to show off:

Yeah, a 2004 Fleer Ultra Update Gold Medallion card of him in an Yankees uniform. Pretty pathetic, eh? I was certain I had a bad jersey card of him somewhere.


Captain Canuck said...

Jarrod Saltalamacchia - check
Brayan Pena - check
Tyler Flowers - check

and in exchange, we get Javier Vazquez and David Ross.


Captain Canuck said...

whatever happened to Clint Sammons? Or did Frank just trade him ,Yunel and Kelly Johnson to Pittsburgh for Tom Gorzalaney?

dayf said...

Clint is still around, I guess they wanted him to be catching every day in Gwinnett. I'm getting itchy for a real signing...

deal said...

I am not looking forward to seeing Vazquez a half dozen times this year. He seems to always shutdown the the Phils - no matter who he pitches for.

So what's the scoop with Smoltz? is he back for opening day?