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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

No Frills Stadium Club Blaster Break

I want to get one more blaster in before 2008's over so here is a no commentary bust. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

88 Hideki Matsui
14 Prince Fielder
131 Sean Rodriguez RC
80 Ryan Braun
144 Justin Ruggiano RC 1st Day

82 Manny Ramirez
56 Garrett Atkins
119 Jed Lowrie RC
1 Chase Utley
6 Curtis Granderson 1st Day

85 Matt Holliday
50 David Wright
53 Josh Hamilton
133 Chin-Lung Hu RC
9 Alfonso Soriano 1st Day

125 Josh Banks RC
13 Alex Rodriguez
109 Garrett Mock RC
23 Tom Glavine
87 Jimmy Rollins 1st Day

142 Greg Smith RC
74 Rich Harden
38 Hunter Pence
41 Adrian Gonzalez
15 Alex Gordon 1st Day

143 Nick Blackburn RC
62 Joba Chamberlain
92 Mickey Mantle
43 Felix Hernandez
129 Elliot Johnson RC 1st Day

34 Brian Roberts
136 Jay Bruce RC
5 Russ Martin
67 Joe Mauer
141 Mike Aviles RC 1st Day

28 Ryan Church
35 Ken Griffey Jr.
64 Victor Martinez
16 Jake Peavy
160 Brian Barton RC 1st Day

Summary: No inserts, at least one rookie per pack, one lonely legends card of Mantle. Not great, but it's a little over a quarter of the set as long as you ignore the parallel stamp (which I do).


Joey said...

Those are some great looking photos on the action shots. I will have to give STadium club a second look.

deal said...

glad to hear somebody else is ignoring the parallels and using them as part of their base set. I am doing that with some other stuff. I think they look better in the binder that way too. It is kind of like adding an accent on the page when one of the cards is a parallel.

PAB said...

Man I should get my blasters where ever you shop. You knocked out a good little chunk of what I have remaining to finish the set.

That Elliot Johnson card is awesome. Just one more great photo that really makes this set worth collecting.

dayf said...

Yeah, I stared ignoring parallel card starting with Cracker Jack. My Turkey Red binder is quite colorful. I won't do it with base Topps but parallels in higher end sets is just stealing a card out of the pack.

night owl said...

Wow, I bought a box yesterday and at least 80 percent of it were the same cards you pulled.

dayf said...


AlbuqwirkE said...

Ahhh... the elusive Alex Gordon card!