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Friday, December 12, 2008

Timelines Update

I've gotten a tad obsessed with this set. I really really like the Timeless Teams cards and the rest of the subsets are pretty cool too. Here's some updated cards I didn't have posted in my original Timelines overview.

1992 Upper Deck Minors

I had this identified as a base Upper Deck design last time.

I was wrong.

It's actually the '92 Minor League set from Upper Deck with is slightly different from the base set. I found a card from that set and it's a good one too:

When all the minor league sets popped up like fungus in the early '90s, the idea was to get pre-rookie cards of future Hall of Famers. I'm guessing this card fits that description. You think Upper Deck would have made him look so goofy had they known Trevor would end up being the all time saves leader? As you can see the designs are pretty similar except they moved the legalese and hologram to the bottom of the card. There are 30 cards in this subset, and they are one per hobby pack and one in every other retail pack so it's a pretty easy subset to complete. The other cards I have to show are a tad more difficult.

This Ian Kennedy card is based on the 1994 SP Pemier Prospects subset. Upper Deck got cute and made all the SP design cards extra short printed. I'm not sure what the exact odds are on these, but it's somewhere around one in three packs and one in six. Here's an original '94 card for comparison:

Terrell Hiawatha Wade. The backs are almost identical, but there is etched FX foil on the front of the '94 card instead of glossy foil. That's a nitpicky complaint when they are otherwise so similar.

Here's what the 1995 SP design cards look like:

Yep, the die-cuts. Only this time the foil accents are bronze instead of silver. I goofed here too, the one per pack die cut cards are from the '95 SP minor league design. I was too broke to afford regular SP in '95, I sure as heck couldn't afford the minor league version. Here's the scans with a'95 Tony Clark SP card for comparison:

These two cards are also nearly identical except for a slightly different die cut. These are the toughest short print to find, luckily there are only 25 of them.

I'm embarassed to say it, but I like this set more than anything else that's out right now. Hoppy boxes can be found for cheap online too. I might have to splurge on one soon. The reason I like it so much s the Timeless Teams design subset. I'm still working on my stadiums collection and I've got four more to show off:

I now have half of the stadiums which ain't bad. I should probably do a reality check and look over the checklist though. It would suck to get 29 of them, only to find out there's one team with no cards in the subset.


FanOfReds said...

I love Timelines as well. If you ever want to work out a trade, I have a list of the ones I need posted. I've got some extras, including some of those team cards you like!

steveisjewish said...

I think I am also getting really into this set and may be collecting at least a few of the subsets.

gcrl said...

hey - me too! i don't care much for the base, but i am trying to get all of the timelines subset

Sooz said...

I enjoy this set as well and had a few hobby boxes in my watchlist on eBay, but have yet to pull the trigger. The only problem is that while cards are fun to open, in the end I just want the person I collect (Jeter).

Laurens said...

The prices vary but as of Friday 12/12/08, boxes at Dave and Adam's are $41.95. I think it comes with free shipping also since it is an item over $25.

I might get a box, but from the few packs I've opened, I think the product's quality control is a little suspect.

The Upper Deck classic retro designs are pretty good looking however, so I may stick to hunting down the easier to get parallels through common boxes and through loose packs.

thewritersjourney said...

I love the Timelines as well, but have yet to get a Reds card. I've only gotten 4 or 5 packs, but the only cards I've pulled that I'll be keeping are a couple of Sorianos and a Fukudome. If you have any Timelines Reds for trade, let me know and I'll send you a list of what I've got.