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Friday, April 17, 2015

2008 Topps Wantlist

I'm so close to this set (yet so far) that I'm putting the wantlist up in the off chance I find a dime box with some commons some day. 

2008 Topps Series 2
369 Luis Castillo
385 Troy Tulowitzki
393 Michael Cuddyer
414 Andrew Miller
426 Franklin Gutierrez
427 Carlos Guillen
504 Conor Jackson
524 Raul Ibanez
530 Ryan Zimmerman
555 Josh Beckett
581 Kazuo Matsui
639 Juan Uribe
640 Carlos Pena
649 Joe Crede
661 Bullshit Horseshit Mooseshit Junkpuncher Jizzbastard Motherassbucket Ratfuckers

nevermind, I don't want that last fuckin' card stinking up my collection.

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