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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Little Green Postcard

Sports Memories show this weekend at I-75 and Delk at the Courtyard Marriott. You'll probably see me there on Saturday assuming I don't try to take a long lunch break on Friday to grab some cardage. If you like Vintage goodies, this is the show to go to. If you have any questions on how to get there, just leave me a comment. I'll check my e-mail just this once to help out fellow vintage lovers.

The show is one dealer, Sports Memories of Oklahoma. There will be no other dealers at the show. Inventory is basically mid-70s cards and earlier, going back to the Tobacco issues of the early 1900s. Click here for a good overview of the kind of stuff they have. No recent memorabilia or autograph cards. If you want that, go north a few exits to Champion Sports Cards or up GA-400 to Atlanta Sports Cards.

Since the World Series starts tonight and I'm still on my posting hiatus, I'll quickly go over my Series thoughts.

1) I am ashamed to admit that I have caught myself rooting for Brian Wilson and The Machine.

2) I am utterly dismayed that Jeff Francoeur has managed to derp himself into a World Series.

If my hypothesis that the Baseball Gods are just messing with me right now is correct, then you should bet the farm on the Rangers. Texas in 6.

Running off to sulk again, I'll be back eventually.



Anonymous said...

I have a couple of questions regarding the show. Hopefully I will be able to make it on Saturday.

How diverse is the selection of memorabilia at the show? Are any of the local shops involved?


Chris Harris said...

And to think, we all thought you were dead!

IkesCards said...

How far is this from Vinings? I'm headed to ATL for a few days and my try to hustle there on Fri or Sat if time allows.

PS - Any word on the Heritage Fantasy League winner? We've got cards ready to send to the winner.

dayf said...

Anon- I added more info in the blog post. No recent cards or memorabilia, just one dealer.

Chris - Not dead, just dropped off the face of the earth. Still in orbit to be honest.

Ikes - Delk is one exit north on I-75 from Vinings. Take the eastbound exit, Courtyard is less than a half mile on the left.
I'm not even half way though with calculating Fantasy points, sadly.

ernest of canada said...

i'm with you on brian wilson. maybe the machine needs to make an appearance in texas to do battle with Rangers Captain...the mascot, i mean.