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Sunday, March 27, 2011

2011 Opening Day Roster

Assuming a trade or waiver wire pickup doesn't go down in the next couple of days, here's the opening day lineup for the Bravos:

Leadoff - LF Martin Prado

Batting 2nd - CF Nate McLouth

Batting 3rd - 3B Chipper Jones

Cleanup - C Brian McCann

Batting 5th - 2B Dan Uggla

Batting 6th - RF Jason Heyward

Batting 7th - SS Alex Gonzalez

Batting 8th - 1B Freddie Freeman

Starting pitcher - Derek Lowe

Starting pitcher - Tommy Hanson

Starting pitcher - Tim Hudson

Starting pitcher - Jair Jurrjens

Starting pitcher - Brandon Beachy

Bench - C - David Ross

Bench - IF/OF - Eric Hinske

Bench - PH - Brooks Conrad

Bench - IF - Brandon Hicks

Bench - OF - Matt Young

Bullpen - RH Closer - Craig Kimbrel

Bullpen - LH Closer - Johnny Venters

Bullpen - RH- Peter Moylan

Bullpen - LH - Eric O'Flaherty

Bullpen - RH - Scott Linebrink

Bullpen - LH - George Sherrill

Bullpen - RH - Cristhian Martinez

All righty then, let's play ball.


Captain Canuck said...

the 7 spot worries the hell out of me.

Dhoff said...

Glad to see Chipper back in the regular lineup.

Derek Hill said...

I hope Nate has a better year this year. I know his spring was better but I really want him to do well for us.

LoCoDe said...

I'm surprised that Heyward with his 91 walks last season would bat as low as 6. I'd move him up to #2 and let him get some protection from Chipper.

DaveH said...

Ummm, I think label above Venters should say LH Closer. Unless, of course, the card posted used a negative image and he just pretended to be LHP because it made it easier to hang out with Wagner last year.

dayf said...

Dangit, gremlins have been messing up my posts again.


Derek Hill said...

Upon second review, I'm wondering why a potential batting champion is leading off and Mclouth second. Anybody interested is flipping those two guys?

flywheels said...

I heard Minor was sent back to the Minors. Maybe that means I can catch him pitch when Gwinnett comes through Charlotte later in April.

Unknown said...

I think the Braves have a solid line-up. And tonioght on the MLB Network. Sean Casey picked them to win the NL East. And I agree, they will be contenders all year. A good mix of pitching and hitting. So..Go Braves!!!

jake said...

Chipper batting third? Lets hope that he finds the fountain of youth. The rotation is strong tho, not sure about the east...probably wild card again.

Mark said...

Made it to the Nats - Braves opener today. Weather was terrible, but game was decent. Heyward looks like a beast, though Livan did strike him out with a 65mph changeup. Lowe pitched well. I was rooting for the Nats (I live in the DC area), but it was good to be at a game on opening day.