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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Something Green For St. Patty's Day

No, I am not buying a box this year. I'll pick up some packs and a few blasters. No Hobby box.


At my main card shop today I saw two things of interest:

A 2011 Hobby Box of Heritage: $90.
A 1955 Bowman card of Hank Aaron: $62.50.

Yep. Not buying a Hobby box this year.


Derek Hill said...

I wasn't going to buy any, but I did, 1 pack. I was underwhelmed and won't be buying anymore

McCann Can Triple said...

Who did you get?

...any Braves?

night owl said...

I can't believe it took someone until 11:30 p.m. to post a green Heritage wrapper on St. Patrick's Day.

If I had actual time this week to go anywhere but work I would've done it myself.

See what we miss when you decide to take 2 weeks off?

SpastikMooss said...

See, I was gonna post something green but then my girlfriend drunkenly broke her nose on some train tracks. Guess you could say that derailed my idea...heh heh heh...

Anonymous said...

Heritage Blaster Fantasy League?

bailorg said...

Interesting tidbit from my LCS:

He was also selling Heritage hobby boxes for $90 and apologized for the price.

He seemed genuinely upset because he had been shorted in the number of boxes he had ordered, plus told me that if he wanted additional hobby boxes HIS restocking fee would be $100 per box!

Chris Harris said...

But, but, but.. . BIG MOJO HITZ!! And A-Fraud Reverse Negative GIMMCIKZZ!!!!

OBTW, bought three boxes for less than $200 at a show today.