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Friday, February 4, 2011

I am about to embark upon something ludicrous

Alrighty then.

I'm about to do something really stupid. Not land war in Asia stupid, but certainly not sensible.

Have you heard about 2011 Topps? Perhaps not... there isn't a whole lot of buzz about the product. Hardly anyone at all is discussing it. Well, Topps added yet another parallel set to this year's release. You can see it in the background of the blog. It's foily and shiny and looks like Tinkerbell picked a fight with a unicorn right in the middle of a mirror factory with rickety shelves and a concrete floor.

What I'm sayin' is I like the set.

I'm gonna collect it.

All of it.

If I am daft enough to seriously try to complete the 1953 Topps set I sure as hell ain't going to be intimidated by a non-numbered parallel set of a flagship product.

While I realize that this set will be fairly popular it's also going to be somewhat common, so if there is anyone out there that doesn't want theirs, shoot me an e-mail (you can find mine in my profile) with PLATINUM DIAMOND as the subject. Just tell me what you're looking for, I'll trade 10 base for one shiny, and trust me, I've got commons from almost any base set you can think of. I'll trade inserts and mid level vintage one for one too. Like a team? I'll send you stuff from your team. Find me a large enough pile of shinys I need, and I'll even send you a relic or autograph. Maybe even some serious vintage from the '50s or '60s. I might even just pay cash for them if you catch me with a full wallet. Make sure PLATINUM DIAMOND is the subject of the e-mail because my gmail is a disaster of Egyptian proportions and I'll need that for searching purposes.

These are the cards I have:
21 Michael Cuddyer
36 Ted Lilly
37 Vincente Padilla
115 Jason Varitek
127 Chris Volstad
146 Roy Halladay
174 Roy Oswalt
176 Daniel Hudson
259 Kyle Davies
268 Jake McGee x2
280 Andrew Bailey
311 James Shields

These cards are pending:
Daily Dimwit:
2 - Jake Westbrook
20 - Hanley Ramirez
163 - Carlos Pena
172 - Lyle Overbay
260 - Freddy Sanchez
305 - James Loney
312 - Gaby Sanchez
327 - Cristian Guzman

Paul's Random Stuff:
5 Joey Votto
89 Placido Polanco
226 Jose Guillen

Bound for Beantown:

If you collect a certain player/team and I have one of the shiny cards from that player/team I'll even trade it to you for some cards I need. Like Dodgers, Red Sox, Cardinals, Rays? Give me your Pirates, Mariners, Nationals or Blue Jays. I don't care, I just want to fill pockets in Ultra-Pro sheets. I'm in this hunt for the long haul.

Also: no freebies. if you send me a shiny, I have to send you something. If you recently became a minimalist, I'll send you mini cards. If you took a vow of poverty and can't accept anything, then assign me a post to write or a feat of strength or something. I'm earning this set.

Thanks for reading through all this, and away we go...


night owl said...

You're going to have company. I've already received two requests for my diamond cards. And I only have 3 of them.

dayf said...

I can wait until the frenzy dies down if I have to. Patience I got.

Captain Canuck said...

oh thank the gods.... after just seeing the title and the first line I thought you were becoming a mets fan.....

Mark Aubrey said...

You go, girl.

Don said...

I breathed a sigh of relief when I read your post. I thought you were going to collect all of the base cards and complete all of the insert sets.

AdamE said...

Crap!! I have been making offers for all the Diamond Red Sox I've seen posted and now you have to go and hold the Varitek out on me!!! I hope you pull doubles of Mr Tek so you can still send him my way.

dayf said...

Canuck, Don: I said ludicrous not friggin insane.

AdamE: You didn't read all the way through the post. Read that bottom paragraph again.

McCann Can Triple said...

I have... couple of cards. Funny how for evrey diamond/sparkle card I also got a regular one of the same card. I'm debating rather I really want them. I'm going for the base set and like all the cards to look the same in the album. ..but shinny. I'll sleep on it.

and I got nearly evrey single brave base, but a heyward. Gahh!

dayf said...

Heyward isn't in Series 1 actually. There's several inserts of J-Hey though.

Community Gum said...

If we get our cases from eBay (ordering from there was dumber than going in against a Sicilian), we'll take your 10-1 deal in a heartbeat. -Andy

Scott Crawford said...

I'm definitely thinking about it too. I probably won't be all GRAAHHHHH 3/4 OF THE SET IN 2 DAYS like I was with base, but it's a beautiful set, and it probably won't be *that* hard/expensive to do. 990 cards x whatever those shiny bastards go for in cash/trade? (Almost definitely less than they usually would, because people love this product and I'd be surprised as hell if Topps doesn't print accordingly.) Yeah, I could end up getting into some trouble there. =)

McCann Can Triple said...

That would explain it then.

I just counted and have 7 cards. (52, 83, 165, 168, 187, 204 and 222) Images of them and other cards for trade (I'll save them for you though) should come tomorrow. I hope people are collecting inserts. Anybody other than a Brave is free game.

Nachos Grande said...

Oh crap. I just posted that I was doing the same thing as you (trying to collect the entire diamond set)...but I'm offering free sets in return, my bribe is better, no? In seriousness, perhaps a trade down the road would be mutually benificial to all parties...keep me in mind would ya?

dayf said...

I am open to starting up a 2011 Shiny Support group if meed be. Looks like we got three lunatics going after the set now.

dayf said...

Make that four lunatics. Cardboard Collections just jumped on board too.

Support Group meetings are every third Tuesday of each month. I'll bring the refreshments this month.

Funner Here said...

All two of my two shiny unicorn cards have already been claimed! I love those cards, but I am just going to try to collect as many Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt, Ryan Zimmerman, Cliff Lee, and Stephen Strasburg inserts as I can from this set. I'll trade for anyone's dupes!

flywheels said...

It appears several of us want these new shiny cards!

Scott Crawford said...

I, for one, welcome our new shiny overlords.

Anonymous said...

As usual, I am eschewing them. I have some I am sending to my trades in progress, some I am sending to Colbey and Nachos Grande, and then I am sending you an email for six others that I have.

madding said...

crackheads. all of you.

dc said...

Shinies: you are mad. But sir, we are on it.

Brian said...

Has Strasburgmania been replaced by DIAMONDMANIA??

dayf said...

Brian: "Has Strasburgmania been replaced by DIAMONDMANIA??"

Yes, and in three months when everyone's sick to death of it, I'll clean up on unwanted shinies!

Anonymous said...

Think I might have to collect these too.

Brian said...

Dayf...sounds like a plan to me!