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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Blaster of Shame - Football Value Pack Thingy

I haven't done one of these in a while and honestly if I don't post this now it's never getting posted ever. This seemed like a good day to post something footbally for some reason. No idea why, just a feeling I had.

If you don't remember what a Blaster of Shame is, it's basically when you are in a card aisle and you have to buy something because you are a degenerate card-addled addict, so you pick up a blaster you don't really want or need just to get your junkie fix. I do this far too often to be healthy. Is there a 12-step program for baseball cards?

Last year around the Time NFL pre-season was in full swing, these 5-pack Rookie Edition packages started popping up in Wal-Marts. I was getting football fever so I got one on a whim. I convinced myself it would be a good post for NFL opening weekend. That's how most of my totally unnecessary card purchases go... "Hey, this would be great for a post on the blog!". Then I get lazy, decide it wasn't all that good an idea to begin with and the post sits in my draft folder for months. That happened here. I've got all these scans but the actual packs are all boxed away somewhere. I did have the foresight to scan the best card out of each pack so I'll just show that off for your football enjoyment.

PACK 1: 2010 Hit Low Series

I think these packs were a way for thre distributor to flush out a bunch of overproduced, unpurchased SA*GE Hit retail packs. I passed up on more Hit blasters promising 2 autos per box than I care to count. There were also similar packages like this that had an auto and only Hit packs inside. It's a shame too, Hit actually had a decent design this year. It reminds me of an old Score football set from the mid-'90s.Here's the best card from the pack.

I'm not sure what turned out to be the actual best card in the pack because it's a draft pick set and until they hit the field, who knows. Rolando McClain was the highest picked player out of the pack at #8 overall by the Raiders. He started 15 games for Oakland and had a pick against Miami in week 12 so not a bad rookie season.

PACK 2: 2007 Leaf Rookies and Stars

Playoff/Donruss/Panini designs are basically the reason why I don't bother with football cards anymore other than some base Topps here and there and the occasional retro set. I wasn't too excited about this pack.

Then it went and provided my favorite card in the package. Alge Crumpler is my favorite Falcon over the past decade and any card of him in a Falcons uniform before he was so rudely sloughed off the team makes me happy. This design isn't incredibly obnoxious either so that's a bonus.

PACK 3: 2007 Score

I really like Score football, it's an inexpensive, decent sized set with a few bells and whistles too keep you interested. I just don't care enough to actually buy the packs. Especially since Topps is the same thing and I've been collecting that for decades. That, my friends, is a sure sign of Football Card Apathy. For someone with enough football cards to fill a decent sized closet, that's a sad, sad thing to have.

Chad Johnson has become Chad Ochocinco and back to Chad Johnson since this card came out. I have a soft spot for the Bengals since they keep selecting (and ruining) Georgia Bulldogs in the draft. Their franchise is almost as pathetic as the Falcons too!

PACK 4: 2007 Playoff Memorabilia

I haven't liked Playoff cards since about 2000. Let's see what we got here.

Wooooo parallel. Brandon Siler Spectrum rookie numbered to 100. Brandon is still in the league playing for the Chargers so not too shabby.

Pack 5: 1/3 or a 2006 Topps Rack Pack

You're seeing that right. One of the 'packs' was a section of a cut up rack pack. LAME. However, it was the section with the vintage cards! Yeah! Lets see that Vintage!

Hooray. 1989 Topps Traded cards. I feel like Steve Grogan looks.

There were the packs, here is the autograph:

2009 SA*GE Hit Curtis Painter

Curtis Painter is a backup QB for the Indianapolis Colts. This means that if Curtis ever gets an serious playing time, the entire state of Indiana will be on suicide watch. There was an unexpected bonus in the pack though:

2009 SA*GE Hit B.J. Raji

Huh, I've heard of this guy from somewhere. Apparently an extra side of beef fell off a truck in Packer town. Some guy recently sent me a Falcon auto so once I find the thing I may have to ship it his way.

Y'all enjoy your Handegg Tourment and Advertising Showcase... I'm working this evening. One week until pitchers and catchers report... oh joy.........


Anonymous said...

betcha youve heard of Raji now..mwahahahaha

skoormit said...

Rolando is a Bama Boy. Please to set that one aside for me? I'll be sending something your way soon.

Also, for the love of eyeballs, change your blog background.