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Sunday, February 6, 2011

First Falcon in the Hall of Fame

Atlanta loves ya, Prime Time. Congrats!


Captain Canuck said...

um... that would be, "yet another Cowboy in the Hall of Fame."

hiflew said...

Gee, I always think of his wonderful year with the Redskins.

Just kidding, Deion is a Falcon, period.

I can't wait to enjoy the first Rockie Hall of Famer.

Nathan said...

I hate to say it but I think of Dion as a Cowboy too...do players go in to the hall representing teams in the NFL like in baseball?

dayf said...

Oh yeah, sorry. I forgot about that time when Deion played a game for the Cowboys and then flew back to Arlington to to play in that World Series game.

And the day he was drafted by the Cowboys, well who can forget that?

It was a great day the Cowboys inducted Deion into their Ring of Honor... not a dry eye in the house.

Oh, wait? None of that happened? You mean Jerry Jones just threw a lot of money at Deion in '95 to pad an already Super Bowl caliber roster, breaking the hearts of already downtrodden Falcon fans? Ok, well thanks for that. Go ahead and take Atlanta's only bright shining moment in NFL history and throw it in the back of the truck along with all your Championships and Hall of Famers and MVPS and honors. Us Falcon fans will just have to be content with the 1980 choke and Aundray Bruce holding up a Domino's Pizza delivery guy and Eugene Robinson betting busted for soliciting a cop before the Super Bowl and Michael Vick's Abu Ghraib for dogs and Aaron Rogers' rapery of Matty Ice.

You guys take Deion, we don't really need that one nice thing to be proud of our franchise.