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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Yet another Transmogrifier post because I'm obsessed with this thing right now for some reason

Ok, first things first. ATTENTION REDS FANS: if someone doesn't step up to the plate and beat this offer by midnight tonight, I'm trading a 1967 Sammy Ellis card for 1990 Jeff Torborg. You have been warned.

I'm not really sure why I'm going gaga over the Transmogrifier in its final days. Probably because it's pretty fun and I'm resentful of Topps causing me to sour on the concept with that bloody stupid Strasburg stunt last summer causing me to miss out on month of enjoyment. Making up for lost time I guess. Here's a rundown of this week's trading insanity.

Audaxe offered me a high series '69 card for a 1st series '67 card. Neither is much more hard t find than the other and I needed both. In the end team won out. Screw you Phillies, I'll take the Red.

Kyle099 is officially Banned For Life. I don't care if he offers me a 1952 Mantle and an Autographed Stressburk for my 2009 Jeremy Hermida, I'm immediately deleting any offer from Kyle099 that I get.

What the hell are the odds of this happening? SoulKitchen is a pretty kick ass funk show Monday night at 8:00pm on Album 88. I'd choose that one to trade if I needed Dick Bosman.

Ok, this right here pisses me off.

I wasn't going to have Darold delivered so I dumped him to Gary Boutte to be nice.

So Gary immediately offers Darold right back to me. Gary has not been banned for this transgression, but he's on Double Secret Probation.

Nobody's getting mah Cookie. Ever. I don't even look at the trades anymore I just Decline.

Cuscoperu1 is apparently very anxious to trade Sal Bando for Dick Bosman. It seems my Dick is quite coveted in South America.

Anyone making a stupid offer on my Lemmers can Die in a Fire. It took me months to complete my Lemke collection.

Another one of my "Let the poor slob have it" trades. He can have the '86 Hernandez back too if he wants it.

I really really want to make a trade with Honkass. He's not getting Le Grand Orange though. That's rather sexist of me. Just simply assuming Honkass is a man. I bet there's plenty of ladies out there that would use Honkass as their internet moniker. Sorry Ms. Honkass.

Ben Malecki did the same dang thing to me as Gary Boutte did with my '74 Ron Scheuler. Are there trading bots out there who are doing nothing but offering up goofy trades?


I just assumed that MetsMom was Dinged Corners so I made the trade. If it isn't, don't tell me, I'd prefer to live in my fantasy world.

Gamblin14j: winner of the most ludicrous trade offer of the week award. 12 junkwax Ozzie Smiths for a vintage Curt Flood.

Every one of these trades was fully legit with at least two cards from the '50s or early '60s for the Rivera. No 1988 cards hiding under the first card in the stack. I'm not paying an extra 53 cents to get rid of a card from 1954 though. Nope, not happening.

Ok, last one. Yes Dawgbones, I did trade for your Ted Uhlaender. I'll take a '72 card I need any day of the week. It also inspired that bit of silliness from last night. After all these trades I need to recalculate my shipping list. Better log back on...


Mariner1 said...

Thanks for the add to the daily reading log. I feel so honored to be read by one of the great bloggers. I can only hope to be as good some day!

Dawgbones said...

Frickin AWESOME post. Honkass, I'm still frickin laughin my ass off. I may have to chase down some of those diamond code cards just to continue this fun!! Thanks for the trade, I'm soitenly gonna get some cards delivered now. Honkass, wish I'd thought of that one. ROFLMAO still!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I've been offered a 68 Clay Carroll for my 67. You need that instead?

William Noetling said...

You know that traders aren't actually asking for YOUR cards right? They just put those offers out there in the ether and hope someone will take them up.

dayf said...

You realize I'm writing a lot of silly nonsense about a virtual trading card game, right?


William Noetling said...

Ah..of course...silly me!

It's too bad you don't live in California though, CA residents get all their cards delivered for free due to state law!

dayf said...

I'm moving to California tomorrow.

No, screw that. I'm taking an early lunch and jumping on 1-20 West right now. Goodbye Georgia!

GCA said...

At least Mark882 made multiple card offers. I'm sick of these goofballs that offer 85-200x common singles for vintage 50s. Their only redemption is being under the age of 14.