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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chipper's knocking the cover off the ball

No, really.

Once you're done chewing that over, go vote on the 2010 Gummies. Vote Thorzul Will Rule for Best Card Blog. If you voted for me already go change your vote to Thorzul.  Because Thorzul is a straight-up pimp.

No, I'm serious, vote for Thorzul, dammit. Do it now.


McCann Can Triple said...

Voted and I saw that article as well. Wanted to post about it, but was lazy.

I hope Chipper is ready by opening day. Dunno if he CAN play that day as he got that one game suspension last year. (idiot ump)

Spankee said...

I didn't vote for you because "HOT BOX!" haunts my dreams.

wv: frucks...damn, so close, I really got excited at first.

Nathan said...

Done and done