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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Top 20 Intermission - Vintage Bravos

I knocked off 6 cards from my Vintage Braves team set lists. These are the ones that didn't make the top 20. Actually, these are numbers 6-3 on the actual countdown, but I decided to let some other cards get a chance. Enjoy them here in all their glory.

1951 Bowman #278 Norman Roy

These high series Bowmans are a pain.

1961 Topps #524 Johnny Logan

One of the great underrated shortstops of the '50s. Also a tricky high series card.

1963 Topps #554 Hank Fischer

The toploader had RC scrawled on it so I'll trust the guy and say this is Bulldog's rookie card. Yet another high series card.

1967 Topps #57 Pat Jarvis

I have no idea why it took me so long to pick up this card. I gots it now!

All 4 of these combined cost less than one of those Chrome rack packs with the special refractors you see in the Wally Worlds. Why do we buy retail again?


Nathan said...

Nice cards, I've been looking through the '51 Bowman's a lot recently after reading a few awesome posts at Scott Crawford on cards.

I have a quick question for you or anyone else reading: Where do you find your team checklists? Can you recommend an online resource for checklists? Thanks.

dayf said...


The guy also sells team sets if you're interested.

Slangon said...

Pretty sweet cards. I especially dig that '51 Norman Roy. Not so much for it being Norm Roy, or it being a nice '51 Bowman. I dig it because that car parked in the background is awesome.