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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January Card Purchases

Can you believe I did not buy a single pack of cards in January?

Seriously, not one.

No Topps, no Updates, no Chrome, no Platinum, no A&G, no nothin. I don't know how I did it either, but I did. That streak is going to get all blown to hell  in the next few days, but I went a month without buying a pack of baseball cards. I didn't go completely cold turkey however. I did make one trip to the card shop on a lunch break a couple of weeks ago. I spent 15 bucks. For that same 15 bucks I could have gotten a box of 1993 Flair, but I went with this stuff instead. Along with those three Goudey cards that got me all nostalgic, here's what I got for my money.

I freaking love 1951 Red Backs. I'd love the Blue Backs too, but I never see any of them. Wes Westrum looks quite world-weary here. I'm guessing he ran out many a triple back in the day.

Juan Marichal is one of those guys I'd give almost anything to go back in time and see pitch. I'd especially like to see him pitch on August 22, 1965.

A couple of World Series Heroes here! I will always love Pops for his time as a Braves coach under Chuck Tanner. He probably could have started int he outfield back then too.

OFF THE TABLE. No, not McCovey, the cat. GET OFFA THERE.

You're going to see a lot of Giants, Pirates and Orioles in here because those are the teams that I found the most goodies in. Yankees, Sox and Reds were pretty picked over. Here's a couple of All-Star cards of the Robinson Brothers.

There was no interleague play back then so we know Marichal wasn't the one throwing at Brooks. Of course, he could have been throwing on his day off. The '68 game cards is a set that I'm going to go nuts and try to complete one day.

The damn card show tried to hide a Hank Aaron card in the Giants section. I FOUND IT ANYWAY YOU SNEAKS. Thee's some horrible scrungy crud on the top of the card, but Hank is greater than crud.

I didn't realize the Pirates wore their sleeveless jerseys until 1970. I thought Topps had dug up this photo from 1965 or something. That's an odd way to hold a bat.

The main thing I was looking for was some 1972 Topps cards. I've got less than a dozen cards to complete Series One and Two from that set. I didn't manage to find much but I did get these three Hall of Famers:

All three were in the case but I managed to find Palmer and Lou in the dollar box. Sticker price on all of these was $5, but I got cut a deal on the mess of 'em.

I can't pass up Willie Stargell cards. It's just not possible. Pops looked like a hitting beast even as a child.

Here's a high series rookie card I managed to snag. By the seventh series Topps gave up trying to group all the rookies together by team or league. Like the rookies grouped by position in the '73 set, Topps went with the Rookie first baseman angle here.

Last two I picked up were a couple of commoners from the 7th series. Any high numbered '72 is pure gold.

I also got a couple of cards that turned out to be doubles. No too bad considering the only list I brought was my 1972 series 1 and 2 list. One of those doubles was a 1972 Topps Bill Russell high number, the other a 1961 League Leader card. Sometime in the next couple of weeks I'll do a doubles post and see if there is anyone out there who wants some vintage.

Well there's my January 2011 card purchases. Do you think maybe I should have gotten three packs of Update and a rack pack of Platinum for my money instead?


AdamE said...

Those cards you picked up are a reason to swear off new stuff and go all out vintage. Virtually all the money I spend on cards now goes to vintage. This year I bought 1 pack Topps, 1 pack UD, 1 blaster A&G, 1 baster Heritage (it was only for your blaster fantasy league). That is it, everything else went to vintage Red Sox and Virdon cards.

Don said...

Stick with the vintage. The 68 game is one set that I am trying to complete, but it is going slow. Most cards can be had for dirt cheap, so it should not be very hard to complete.

Matt Flaten said...

I have video evidence of you buying and opening cards in January. You are so busted!


Duane said...


this has been today's edition of SATSQ

night owl said...

Except for that rack pack of Bowman Platinum I bought at 2 in the morning, I didn't by a single modern card last month either.

I don't expect it to change all that much this month either.

Dipayan Banerjee said...

Vintage is boring.

Maybe I'm just saying that because I was born almost 30 years after most of these cards were made.

ShaneK said...

That's a hell of a haul for $15.00!!!
Well played, well played!!