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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Top 20 Intermission - Checkin' Lists 1972

I've been attacking the 1972 Topps set with great ferocity lately. Luckily I have a long way to go before I hit the Series 6 Impossibles. I managed to knock off a fair chunk at the card show. Most I got from a single vintage seller. He was stuck way in the back by the guy with the loaded dime boxes. He had a couple of jerry-rigged display stands consisting of a board with toploaders taped to them that threatened to collapse everytime someone looking at the boxes at the next table brushed against them. I found a couple of goodies including the '63 Brave I showed earlier at his table but I mostly focused on the '72s. The seller was a nice guy, we chatted about cards for a bit. He noted how there were lots of sets that he used to not like very much, but that he now appreciates. This may or may not have been a sales pitch for a set he wanted to get rid of. I stuck to the '72s and he obliged with a second box full of them that I happily scrounged through. I got all these from him.

Checklist! Completely marked up, too! I had a frightening realization with this card. I actually have more cards from this series than the original owner of this checklist had back in 1972. He had the Frank Robinson card though.

Hall of Famer for $.50 FIRM. Kickass.

This was a buck. Anyone who sells a vintage Aaron for a buck is insane. Even if it's only 1/3 Aaron.

Three cards with the exact same pose. Rich Hand is at a slightly different angle and has a creepier look than the others but it's the same pose.

Here are three more common poses in the '72 set. The Derp Portrait, The Fake Swing, The Up The Nose Shot.

Three In Action cards that when pit together almost makes a full battery. If Willie swings and misses, Ed will be hurting.

And here's the bane of all set collectors, accidentally buying cards you already have due to a miswritten card number (Odom) or through stupidity (the second Kirkpatrick). I have one more card to show off from this set, but you'll have to wait for it...


Don said...

Would you be willing to trade the two doubles? If yes, we can work something out. (sparkly Topps?)

night owl said...

'72s look great together in a binder. One of the reasons I'm collecting it.

The Kirkpatrick in action card could use a home here.

LoCoDe said...

The Odom card is spectacular. Hadn't seen it before.
Not exactly in a good fielding position.

Nice pickups. Can't go wrong with a 1/3 Aaron when another 1/3 is Pops. 2 HOF'ers out of 3 ain't bad.

1967ers said...

Rich Hand!

I'm four away from finishing '72 OPC and Rich Hand is one of them. He's mocking me.

OPC was kind enough not to bother printing anything higher than card #525. That Odom must be a higher number than that. I don't recognize it.

Cool stuff! I love 1972.