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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

You just can't avoid doubles

I have been extremely lucky in pulling goodies out of Gypsy Queen retail packs. I mean, an autograph and a relic card in the same rack pack? (and a mini sepia too) That's just ridiculous. I haven't quite reached that level of success in a rack pack again, but in one of 'em I did get this:

Yep, Stan the Man bat card in a retail rack. Framed, even. GOTTA love the frames. I think Topps sells 50% more product in any given set when there are framed cards in the set. Even cheesy unnecessary sets like 2010 Topps206.  Framed cards are just that cool. So is Stan the Man, who is probably one of the most underrated SuperDuperStars out there. Cy Young? Got an award named after him. So does Jackie and Hank. Babe Ruth has a candy bar named after him (don't give me facts, my grandfather insisted it was named after Babe) and so does Reggie and The Kid.

Stan Musial has no award named after him. Why? Because no one else is THE MAN.

Stan Musial has no candy bar named after him. Why? Because no candy bar is as sweet as his swing.

Stan Musial has won the Presidential Medal of Freedom! Why? For saving the world from an invasion of communist bug-eyed aliens from the planet Skylar with one mighty swing of his bat. Or something like that. It was pretty awesome, that's all I know. Do you have a Presidential Medal of Freedom? Then shut up. Stan is more awesome than you. He won the World Series three times which is two more times than that Albert character has.

So I'm extremely happy with this. Stan in a rack pack! How is this possible! I figured at this point that I had completely used up all my luck with rack packs and went for a blaster instead. Guess what was inside.

FREAKING DOUBLES. What are the odds. About 1:56 for Framed Relic Group A according to the wrapper. Anyone know who's in Group A? No one will give me an empty hobby box because of that stupid redemption gimmick so I really don't know.

So how is this even possible?

A) Retail Queen is frikken loaded. (see: 2008 Mayo)
B) Dayf is a lucky bastige
C) Both A and B
D) Topps Spies are planting goodies in my path so I'll give their crummy product free advertising

So yes, I have pulled two Stan The Man framed relic cards before I have pulled my first Jason Heyward base card. Probability is weird.


Play at the Plate said...

And yet, nary a pack to be seen in my neck of the woods. Congrats Dayf.

night owl said...

I've already seen this Musial GQ relic a couple other times on blogs, so maybe it's as common as an Andrew Cashner/David DeJesus auto.

Captain Canuck said...

Calgary got two boxes of Gypsy Queen. They sold to two customers within 5 minutes.
There will be no retail of gypsy queen.

And remember I said Calgary, not my lcs.

I missed out so I must live vicariously through you dayf.

may the gods save us all.

The Dimwit said...

Mini Relic Group A:
Miguel Cabrera
Prince Fielder
Josh Hamilton
Rickey Henderson
Matt Holliday
Derek Jeter
Matt Kemp
Barry Larkin
Evan Longoria
Stan THE MAN Musial
David Ortiz
Cal Ripkin Jr.
Frank Robinson
Chase Utley
David Wright

There you go, straight from the bottom of an empty box!

Sports Card Blog said...

I need to find the Gypsy retail so I can harvest their tears.

Tomorrow I will search some more.

Alfredo Ortega said...

Wanna Trade?

cynicalbuddha said...

I know what you mean. I had a hot rack pack I guess too. I had an Ozzie Smith framed relic and then two copper paper framed cards in the other packs, from the same rack pack. The framed coppers are 1 per hobby box. Seems like another reason to buy retail.

Derek Hill said...

I've got an extra Heyward base as well as the hank SP double if you have any SP's you'll send my way

Anonymous said...

I must have your extra Musial framed mini!!! I will give you my car, house, and first born (ok...not the car).

Please take a look at my bucket and make me an offer.


RJ said...

Prepare to be flooded with offers for the Musial extra. Thats an amazing pull though. Offer to come as soon as I have something worth offering.