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Monday, May 30, 2011

Qypsy Gueen Blaster video rip

My Memorial Day gift to you.

Now go out and have fun and watch fireworks and drink beer* and remember our troops and forget about stupid baseball cards for one day.

*if you are 21 or over in the US**, or somewhat younger than that in a civilized nation
**Or under 21 if you have an older brother or cool friend who can hook you up***
***But that would be WRONG do cards not drugs


night owl said...

Hey, you got one, too!

Anonymous said...

Bryce Harper will overthrow Bolivia? I can see that happening with the face paint and the anger he has.

Play at the Plate said...

I don't think they shipped any of this to Texas. I'm hoping to find a discounted blaster someday.

I agree with your comment, but when digging up and destroying the coffin of a legend ISN'T the most disrespectful thing your company has ever done, you have problems. Funny.

AdamE said...

Still no GQ retail in the Phoenix area.

Me likey that Lester mini card.

I still need to release my hostage A&G Baldelli I promised you.

Nathan said...

a) did you throw that juan pierre mini card over your shoulder?

b) 1887

c) why do we need another retro set? 'cause we keep buying it :)