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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mars Attacks Wantlist

Scott Crawford threatened to feed Pinkie Pie to the gigantic bug-thing on card #41 if I didn't put my
wantlist for this set up so here it is.

2 Martians Approaching
12 Death in the Cockpit
14 Watching from Mars
15 Saucers Invade China
23 The Frost Ray
30 Trapped!!
36 Destroying a Dog

Deleted Scenes

New Universe

If you're thinking of sending me any, please don't. Scott is already going to drop a Martian bomb on me and I am literally the worst trader in the world right now. I haven't mailed anything since August and I've got one package on my desk that should have gone out a year ago.
Scott dropped his Mars Bomb and the list is now updated. I'm still a terrible slow trader though.

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Matt Flaten said...

Whatever he doesn't take care of I'll send you when I return to your continent.