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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Joy of a Completed Team Set - 1990 Topps

Equal parts joy and frustration in this one as after searching forever for a %E^@#&!! Tyler Houston rookie card I finally had to bite the bullet and buy it from the dude at the flea market who prices all his stuff according to his 1993 Beckett with Mike Piazza on the cover. A buck and a quarter for a Tyler Houston rookie! Egads! I'm not even all that crazy about 1990 Topps although at least the design is interesting unlike most of the other sets that came out that year. The set is also intriguing because you can see the Championship team slowly starting to gel together after years of dismalness in the late '80s. You can see all the pieces coming into place especially with the Traded cards and the probably mostly incomplete Pro Debut cards I threw on the sheet for the hell of it. Two Hall of Famers, two more potential Hall of Famers and Mark Lemke. Not bad for a team set from the Dismal years.

Hope you enjoy the Joy of a Completed X posts 'cuz I got a lot more where that came from.
(and not much else, sadly)


Captain Canuck said...

hmmm... guess I can take that Bipping of Tyler Houston rc's out of that package....

missed it by THAT much.

Chris Mays said...

Uh, sorry, but that's the best design in the history of Topps.

Or maybe not, but I do love it. Now 91, that did nothing for me.

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