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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Quick Thoughts on Zito

Barry Zito is going to the Giants for a whopping $126 million over 7 years. I have liked Zito since he came up with Oakland, but I wasn't really expecting him to get the richest contract for a pitcher in MLB history. At least Hampton is now off the hook. What I think I think:

1) As Solid as Zito has been, this is way too much money for too many years.

2) Giants needed to do something after losing Schmidt and getting outbid for every other free agent they targeted.

3) Assuming Zito stays healthy (big assumption) The Giants should have a damn good rotation in a year or two.

3a) The fact that he's rated most similar to Mike Hampton the past three years of his career should scare the hell out of the Giants.

4) At least the Giants invested in someone under 30 for once.

5) Maybe he can mellow out Barry.

5a) Peter King writes entirely too much about bad coffee.

6) At least now I won't have to hate him for becoming an evil Met.

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