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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Starting off on the right foot

Two posts in, and already I have technical difficulties.

This post was supposed to show off the card that started me on the road to ruin, a 1980 Topps Mike Schmidt, but my scanner is making some really interesting grindy noises so that's on hold for a while. Concidering both my printer and scanner were around during the Clinton Administration, perhaps it's time to invest in one of those newfangled printer/fax/scanner contraptions with the $50 replacement ink cartridges. For the time being, imagine an '80 Topps Schmidt that has spent far too much time in a little kid's back pocket.

In lieu of Schmidtty dog-eared goodness, here's an excellent article on Hall of Fame voting, by the man himself. I'm glad to see that at least one of the Veteran committee voters has had a change of heart and that maybe there will be someone actually elected this time around. Like Mike, I still can't figure out how Kaat isn't in already and it sure would be nice if some '80's stars like Rice, Hawk and Murph finally got their due. Seriously, if Sutter's a Hall of Famer, how can Goose Gossage and Lee Smith not be?

Hopefully I'll get my act together soon and will have some beautiful ratty old abused cards scanned and posted for your enjoyment and edification.


The dead scanner has been replaced with a fancy brand new Epson printer\scanner\copier\juicer\slicer\dicer\turnip twaddler\time machine combo platter so here for your amusement is the VERY FIRST CARD I EVER OWNED: (drumroll)

Beautiful, isn't it??

This was actually one of two 'first' cards for me as I first found this card in my grandparents' basement in an old desk along with an '80 Bob Horner. Bob was my favorite player growing up (along with Knucksie) so that card was my 'first card ever' for a while, at least until I brought the cards to school one day and someone swiped the Horner but left the Schmidt. Go figure.

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Hollywood Dawg said...

Scanner??? Kidding me?

Get a Cell phone that takes pictures, snap, send it via email, and poof we have proof. Or if you have a digital camera, snap, download, poof, we have proof! Or if even if you have a convential camera, take the pic, go to CVS or Walgreens, get the pics developed, then have them transfered onto a disc. Then, poof, we have proof!!! However, we are talking about Dave and Sandy here and that might take a few months for the pictures to get developed!!! ; )