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Monday, August 27, 2007

Cards of the Week 7/27

It's a darn shame I refuse to watch the Little League World Series. Even though I despise how ESPN whores out little kids for ratings, it's probably the only playoff baseball Georgia's going to see this year. Unlike the Braves, at least the kids know how to close the deal in the World Series. Georgia's teams have won the past two contests, besting Japan's team both years. Columbus took the title last year and Governor Perdue's Warner Robins team won it all this past weekend.

Bonus Baby Joey Jay was the first little leaguer to make The Show, breaking in with the Milwaukee Braves in 1953. Since then there have been a handful of little leaguers to not only play in the Little League World Series, but the actual World Series it was named for. The first two to do so are the subjects of this week's Cards of the Week.

In 1954 Jim Barbieri and little John Wesley Powell (yes even Boog was little once) traveled to Williamsport, Pa to play in the LLWS. Barbieri's team from Schenectady, NY beat the Colton, CA squad 7-5 to take the championship that year. A dozen years later the two would meet up in the Fall Classic to become the first Little Leaguers to face off in the World Series. Jim may have won the Little League title, but Boog got the best of him in this matchup. Powell hit .357 as his Orioles swept the Dodgers for the franchise's first World Series victory. Jim struck out in his only at bat in the series (sadly, his last in the majors as well) while Boog went on to win MVP and another ring in 1970. Boog also probably holds the record for best barbecue among LLWS vets.


Chris Harris said...

Suggestion for CotW: Ed Vosberg and Jason Varitek. The only two to ever play in the Little League, College, and Major League World Series'.

dayf said...

I considered them, but three things tipped the scale in favor of Jim & John:

1) my vintage Topps cards are one of the few things in my collection that are meticulously organized and cataloged, so I knew exactly where to find them.
2) the '62 Boog rookie just plain looks nicer than Ed's '91 Score RC.
3) alas, I don't have Jason's '92 Topps Traded rookie.

Besides, I get to show off my Boog! Wait, that sounds kinda dirty...