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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Somewhere Larry Tipton is Smiling

Who says Michael Vick cards are worthless? Some screwball fed some Vick cards to her dog and put them up on Ebay with the promise that the proceeds would go to the Humane Society of the winner's choice. Since no good deed can go unpunished, eBay promptly yanked the auction because it was not tied to one of their approved charities (and because they didn't get their cut). Undaunted and with a fresh wave of publicity the seller relisted the cards and ended up with a whopping $7400 winning bid. Of course, now there are a truckload of copycat Vick auctions up for bid for anyone who likes a bit of dog slobber with their trading cards. Now, the seller claims that this auction was meant to help dogs, but I looked through those cards and there's a bunch of Chrome, Elite and SPX cards in there. That poor pooch will be crapping foil for months.

* For anyone who doesn't understand the title of this post check out The Guru's Grading Guide over there on the sidebar. Or you can click here for a gallery of examples. You see, $7400 bucks doesn't seem so bad when you realize all these cards are in Pristine Gem Mint 11 condition.

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Chris Harris said...

Wow! A Larry "I'll Collecting Anything, in Any Condition" Tipton namedrop.

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